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High-end apartments in Queens Plaza building now available for lease



April 27, 2015 By Christian Murray

Hundreds of luxury apartments in the heart of Queens Plaza have just become available for rent.

The World Wide Group–which has constructed a 421-unit, 21 story building at Queens Plaza North (24th Street)– has just listed the high-end apartments. Tenants will be able to move in as early as July.

The apartments are packed with amenities—which is reflected in the price.

Studios will start at $2,026; 1 brms $2,285; 2 brms/2 baths $3,595; and 3 brm/2 baths $4,592. Residents will receive 1 month’s free rent with no brokerage fee.

The building, called QLIC, features over 28,000 square feet of amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, a private garden, indoor parking and a bike room.

“QLIC is one of the most highly anticipated developments to join the Long Island City market,” said Dave Maundrell, the president of “Prior to releasing our listings, we’ve already received a staggering number of inquiries – over 1,500 names to date.”

QLIC is joining a host of new residential, hotel, and office developments in Long Island City.

Last week, the 16-story, 183-room Hilton Garden Inn — located at 29-21 Queens Plaza North, in Long Island City — opened for business.



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Sound proof window’s would help but you’re going to want to open the windows up when it’s nice out no? I just can’t get over the noise…and the prices they can charge over there..


Queens plaza is kinda like Ghetto Chic! I’ve been here many years 21 that is and it’s still not where it should be!

Silent majority

Quick question….do these building have sound prove windows to lessen the noise from the 7 train?


I live in a building across from where QLIC is going up. I have never heard the 7 train or the construction from QLIC when the windows are closed. When they’re open, the construction is pretty loud. The 7 train isn’t that bad though. I agree that the area isn’t the best, but I think it’s changing a lot. Scandals has closed and it’s only a matter of time before that building is demolished and a nicer building will go up. This area is TOO convenient for people working/playing in Manhattan for it not to get developed. And you can get apartments that are infinitely nicer than what you’d find in Manhattan for a decent (maybe slightly high) price.

Daniel Bryant Must Die

Would you just shut the f_k up? I’m totally in favor of being an idiot on this site, and I do it myself. But your stock comment has never been even remotely interesting, and you are just a moron. No, you are beyond a moron. You are eight times a moron — you are an oxymoron.


YES!man strikes again! You people dont understand: the YES! comment is bigger than you, it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than this blog, or even Cathy Nolan. YES! a brilliant slogan, nay, philosophical belief system, that will carry us forward, direct us to a bright new future. I thank God for YES!man and his unbridled enthusiasm every day and every night. I will name my children after him and petition his likeness be sculpted out of gigantic pink metal and places in the center of a marginally important road. YES.


The transportation there is excellent, so many trains and buses that go in all different directions. What I don’t understand is why so many people want to live near that 7 train.. it’s so darn loud?


This building is not close to being done. I went by to check it out… There is no office… how are they going to show any apartments. You can even get into the building.

41st side qb

please Angela i know QB very well

from the urine smelling elevators to legions of dealers and junkies on the hill

please it’s a dump and should be demolished


clearly misinformed?

i have lived in queens my entire life
i have been in queens-bridge plenty of times

have you?

please most of you guys just arrived here a hot minute ago

queens plaza has changed but it’s still a crappy spot

too much street traffic and bridge air pollution on top of you

you newcomers crack me up

like you discovered queens get a grip

Angela Lamboy

If you never been to the projects, you should not talk about something you have idea of, everyone that always talks negative about the project probably would never ever show their face here, you have families here who work and take care of their families like any other neighborhood, we are all not crooks, drug addicts and murderers like small minded ppl as some of these commentators think


But you are getting a free ride off the tax dollars of others. A nice thank you and being on your way would suffice instead of getting all huffy about someone pointing out that the projects are a major source of crime in surrounding neighborhoods.

Silent majority

Queensbridge has historically been one the most dangerous PJ’s in the city so you are clearly misinformed.


prices are much cheaper than the waterfront units

this place will fill up with enough incentives along the way

location sucks though up the block from queens bridge

and next to that strip club scandals

Amadeo Plaza

Scandals shut down a while ago. Pretty sure another building is going there. And just because it’s a couple of blocks from Queensbridge doesn’t mean the location sucks :-. There’s still amazing transportation options and a lot of nice stuff popping up all around the hood. Just because you’re NEAR the PJs doesn’t mean your IN the PJs…


Location is awesome. You are clearly misinformed. We live in one of the other new buildings here and are located next to or a quick walk from the 7,n,q,e,m,r, and f trains.


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