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Gourmet Deli with upstairs bar opens on Vernon Blvd

March 2, 2017 By Christian Murray

A high-end gourmet deli with an upstairs bar opened on Vernon Boulevard today in the space that was formerly occupied by The Butcher Gourmet Deli.

NU Look, located at 49-16 Vernon Blvd., consists of an extensive ground floor deli, with stairs leading to a second-floor area where patrons can eat their food. The upstairs component, which seats about 45 people, includes a bar that will sell wine and beer once the State Liquor Authority signs off on its license.

The establishment is being run by the owner of E&I Deli, which has been located in the space next door (49-12 Vernon Blvd) for approximately 15 years.

The deli offers conventional breakfast foods—from eggs on a roll, french toast, pan cakes to breakfast wraps. Other items on the menu include sandwiches to a range of rice and noodle dishes. The deli also has an extensive lunch buffet.

E&I will continue to operate at its present location but is now using its existing space to focus more on grocery items.



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LIC is a very unreasonable neighborhood. I always joke that LIC food is so bad that I started cooking. However, people who complain about this Gourmet Deli, must I remind you, there was no salad place in LIC and this place sell Salad for 8 dollars that is pretty reasonable.

This is a neighborhood which grew very inorganically. Now you don’t have to live here and look at Manhattan view. Stop complaining man just get your bike and cross over Pulaski .. there are tons of options in Green Point or Sunny Side. Goumet Deli maybe expensive but they are providing some new option


I think it is perceived as “high end” because of the minimalist decor/design using wood paneling outside and LED strips for lighting inside. This is just a design concept.. menu prices are reasonable for the new items on the menu and as someone mentioned previously, the prices on existing items remain unchanged.

Personally, I prefer the tasteful rustic decor that bricktown implemented after their mgmt transition.


Anonymous, you may be right. It just seems everything in LIC lately has the words “HIGH END” or “UPSCALE” in front of them, whether Living space or business space.


I think the writer is the one labeling this place as “HIGH END”. This place is a vast improvement over what it replaced. Can’t see how anyone can complain. The same critics call foul and spew hatred at owners for charging outrageous rent, forcing businesses to close. How about well deserved praise for a well established biz owner who has a proven and lengthy investment in the neighborhood and is now investing further to its development. I’m not privy to the lease details but I’m pretty sure this space has to cost an outrageous amount of money to lease. This is a prime location within a prime blvd.


Why is everything “HIGH END” ? Why not a decent deli not just for Hipsters & Yuppies with Trust Fund money from mommy & Daddy.

The instigator

Would not call this a “high end deli”. Basically the e&I kitchen just moved next door and menu is basically the same. The good thing is doesn’t seem that the prices increased.


A paleo Koren bbq, A night club looking gourmet deli…all we need is an “alternative Indian” restaurant with one of those organic, no curry, no masala, non spicy menu with a huge pointless mural outside–and the indoors to look like an actual indian “slum” because it just looks cool, with a picture of the Taj Mahal sprayed with Graffiti. …oh and theyll probably butcher the recipes of famous indian cuisines into stupid names like “No Butter Chicken Tikka” or the Vegan Paneer and Gluten Free Naan.

yasss hmmmm

meanwhile, Masso is for sale, Domaine Wine Bar is for sale, the dentist at 4913 Vernon Blvd…..up for lease.
As the area is built up, it seems to be imploding as well


wow, that’s some crazy hate… open your own place then and do it like you want it, so easy to bash everyone else’s ideas

Thomas Ngo

Paul, both the Green Street and E&I are owned by actual Korean families. The paleo diet is an expression of second generation Asian immigrants like myself, who are trying to eat healthier, as Korean food has definitely been influenced by outside people like American GIs.

I’m also part Indian, and I’d be happy to try vegan Indian food, as I find most Indian restaurants in NYC to be way too heavy and greasy.


Super EXPENSIVE, poor service they raised all the prices for the same food they sold next door. Now, they only want to make sandwiches this place will also be sold soon. Vernon and 30th needs a real DELI and Diner there are no places to get anything to eat inexpensive in the area at midnight.


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