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Gastropub moves into Lounge 47 location, faces restrictions to appease neighbors’ noise fears

47-10 Vernon Blvd

47-10 Vernon Blvd

May 17, 2013 By Christian Murray

A gastropub is scheduled to open in August where the storied Lounge 47 used to operate.

The pub, to be called Woodbines, will be owned by Pat Burke, who runs three other bar/restaurants throughout the city—including the Courtyard in Sunnyside.

Burke said that Woodbines, named after the cigarettes his grandfather smoked in Ireland, would offer 16 craft beers and a high-end bar menu.

“We want a bit of an older-styled place,” Burke said, adding that the interior would feature “distressed wood” to create a comfortable atmosphere. He said the exterior of the pub would be changed to reflect that too.

Last week Burke told Community Board 2 that he would not use the backyard space—acknowledging the noise complaints that local residents lodged against the former owner of Lounge 47. Those complaints led to Lounge 47 having to close the backyard space, playing a role in its closure earlier this year.

Burke told the community board that he is in the midst of soundproofing the ceiling and some of the walls—costing about $28,000—which he was not required to do so  by law or by his landlord.

The community board has given Burke the approval to operate Woodbines until 2 am on weeknights and until 4 am on Friday and Saturdays nights. The board has also stipulated that he can’t use the back yard.

William Garrett, who represented many of the neighbors at the Community board meeting, wanted the board to limit the hours until 11pm on weeknights and 1 am on weekends. However, the board—acknowledging Burke’s decision not to use the backyard—was more lenient.

“We don’t anticipate being open that late, but we like to have the flexibility to have that option,” Burke said.

Burke, 39, who is originally from County Cork,  came to the US when he was 20.

He became the owner of the Courtyard when he was 25—and then opened the Brickyard Gastropub in Manhattan 3 ½ years ago. Last year, he established a bar in Williamsburg called the Kent Ale House.

Burke is excited to be venturing into Long Island City.  “Looking at the neighborhood and all the new residents…it’s a great opportunity.”

Pat Burke, the owner of Windbines, at the Courtyard

Pat Burke, the owner of Woodbines, at the Courtyard

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Just ignore Garrett, he’s just a crotchety old wind bag with nothing better to do than disrupt the lives of others – why else did he join the community board. . . .

LIC Dude

What restaurant can afford to close at 11pm on a weeknight? SO stupid to even request that.

I love that the community board said yes to 4am on weekends! They finally grew a pair.


And of course the irony is that all those restaurants he complains about probably tripled the value of his own property.


Shame on William Garrett and he should not live in LIC anymore because the area is changing and apparently he can not catch the pace! Time for you to move and all of us will be happy forever!


Good luck Woodbines. Love how business venture from Sunnyside to LIC.
Just ignore WG, his behaviour and ‘art’ (or what he thinks art is) won’t get any better.


Garrett buys a former storefront on a commercially zoned block and is shocked when someone uses next door for a commercial purpose. It’s an outrage (to him).


Garrett represents himself and no one else. His is a misguided one-man crusade to do injury to the businesses that, in fact, elevate the value of his property, simply because, apparently, his sleep patterns resemble that of the princess and the pea.


William Garrett does not represent any of us or our neighbors. The residents of LIC wish any and all new businesses well in our community, especially during difficult economic times where these businesses employ our friends and neighbors.


Courtyard is a nice crowd, can’t wait to see what’s in store for Woodbines!
I will say though, from what I hear the “complainers” are more or less just one guy who has a stick up his bum and is very “well connected”.

Grumpy Gus

Good luck with those neighbors…you are going to need it.
I think that when it rains…God gets noise complaints.


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