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Family of Man Shot Dead in Long Island City Thursday Launches GoFundMe Page

Vickram Sewsankar, picture taken from the memorial at Borden Ave. and 2nd St. (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

Sep. 9, 2020 By Michael Dorgan 

A GoFundMe was launched Saturday by the father of a man gunned down in Long Island City last week.

Latchman Sewsankar, the father of the victim Vickram Sewsankar, is raising funds to cover the funeral costs of his son who was fatally shot on Borden Avenue, near 2nd Street, on Thursday following a dispute over a parking space.

Sewsankar has raised nearly $11,000 from more than 90 donors– as he looks to raise $21,000. Donors include family members, friends to local residents.

“It’s a tragedy to a life gone too soon at the age of 25,” Latchman Sewsankar wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Vickram was a loving caring and considerate son, brother and friend to all the lives he touched,” he added.

Vickram Sewsankar, a resident of South Ozone Park in Queens, was shot in the stomach at around 6:50 p.m. on Sept. 3 and later died at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell, according to police. As of Tuesday, no arrests had been made.

Memorial for Vickram Sewsankar, located at Borden Ave. and 2nd St. (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

A memorial has gone up near where Sewsankar was murdered.

The memorial contains candles, flowers, balloons and pictures of Sewsankar– along with messages from friends and relatives. There are two balloons–one with the number “2″ and the other with the number “6”– on top of the memorial, in recognition of Vickram’s 26th birthday that was yesterday.

Messages like “never forget you brother,” “happy birthday,” and “sleep in peace my baby boy” are on sheets of paper taped to a box at the location.

Another message reads: “Vickram, I love you so much, words cannot explain you are my heart, my soul, my life, I will always count the days until we meet again.”

Lidia Raskin, a resident who was passing by the memorial with two children Tuesday, said that Sewsankar’s death was tragic.

“I have lived in the neighborhood for 12 years and nothing like this has ever happened,” Raskin said.

“Its a very, very sad story,” she said.

Written messages at Vickram Sewsankar’s memorial, located at Borden Ave. and 2nd St. (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

A picture of Vickram Sewsankar surrounded by candles, located at Borden Ave. and 2nd St. (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

Two children at the memorial for Vickram Sewsankar, located at Borden Ave. and 2nd St. (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

Memorial for Vickram Sewsankar, located at Borden Ave. and 2nd St. Sewsankar was shot in the area just behind the memorial. (Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

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No. He’s still out there, I don’t even know if the guy is black or white so everyone is the potential killer now. Whenever cars pass me on the street, I have to take cover and look stupid just in case that’s the shooter and feels like popping one off in torso area.

I was on the opposite corner of the street and heard the gunshot (sounded like a firecracker) before lighting a cigarette. After two puffs I saw a lifeless body on the ground bleeding out, and cleared the area before police showed up.

wahib zafar

Did they apprehend the killer? I feel like no one cares that the neighborhood is going to shit. Where is our representative?


jvb is cowering away in his private park, penning twitter missives.
it’s what the city pays him to do – nearly 150k a year.

spread that message far and wide. hes a do-nothing louse.
youd be surprised at how much our public officials ‘earn’ off the backs of hard working taxpayers.

vote out the swamp.

if this comment doesnt make it through, it is clear this site is partial.


Nobody seems to care because the police are currently fighting back against the protests in their own little way. They are trying to make it clear what will happen without them. So basically they are willing to sacrifice a few lives to make their point.

Sara Ross

My heart goes out to another family dealing with a senseless murder. The justice system and bail laws need to be changed immediately! How many more people have to die? Also, what did people do before GoFundme was created?


This gofundme is not working. Can you please provide the correct link so that others can support? Many thanks!


I hope little jimmy van brainless is giving to this seeing as he hates the two things that could have prevented this tragedy: law and order.


any updates from the 108th? are they waiting for a red carpet and a kings welcome to inform the local residents that they are doing some sort of police work? not even a sketch or model or color of the car? bmw? what idiot eyewitness just says that?

hard to believe they still haven’t id’d the perp that is roaming the streets thinking hes a bad-a mf that got away with murder.


It’s insulting honestly. It made me realize a well armed populace is the best defense against tyranny. My guess is if I look up the data, states that have open carry legal have less gun crime than cities where it’s illegal. What bmw is going to come up to me with a pistol if i’m walking around with an m4 (for argument sakes dunnno whats allowed in those states)? Literally I am either moving out of new york or finding a way to earn monney from home donn’t want to live here anymore.

I’ve been reading about gun crimes happening every other day inn anll the boroughs and quite frankly if these uneducated animals get to carry guns and I dont donn’nt wanna be out there.


i suggested cc for nyc in the original thread because those carrying handguns flout the rules, putting law abiding citizens at a major disadvantage.

allowing cc (at least for those that pass background checks and take mandatory training) equalizes the playing field. the hope is that folks will pause to play out their decisions before deciding to engage.

finally, only nyc is highly restricted – cant even carry a knife (never mind the length). you can own a handgun in other ny counties like rockland. and a long gun / rifle / shotgun anywhere else, including westchester.


Do a little reading about the old west, or the “wild west.” If that’s what you are looking for, have at it, but please make sure you go through with your threat and leave NY.


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