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Corner Bistro on Vernon Boulevard Permanently Closes

Photo: QueensPost

Oct. 16, 2020 Staff Report

Corner Bistro, located on the corner of Vernon Boulevard and 47th Road, has permanently closed.

The owners, who operated three establishments by that name across New York City, have announced that two—including the Long Island City location- have shut down for good.

“We are sad to say because of Coronavirus pressures Corner Bistro LIC at Vernon Boulevard and Corner Bistro Hell’s Kitchen 600 11 Ave, Manhattan are closed permanently,” the owners posted on their website. “Please visit our location in the village (311 West 4th Street) to support us…”

Corner Bistro opened in Long Island City in 2012, taking over a space that was home to the restaurant Cassino, which had been owned and operated by the late Sal Anzalone for decades.

Anzalone’s family still owns the property–and 47th Road is co-named after Sal Anzalone.

The Corner Bistro on Vernon Boulevard was known for its booths and burgers.

The bistro burger was a favorite, which included a half-pound of beef piled with bacon and melted American cheese. The venue also had more than a dozen beers on tap.

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I never had the pleasure to go there . When I hear people say there goes a piece of my old neighborhood it saddens me also wh t has happened to LoC overall. It is starting time ok like Manhattan instead of a small qu int community which in it once was. SAD.


I remember the Keno tv’s, which were an alien, dicey sight to a newby from Manhattan, recently moved into Citylights, the first wave of building that was not “old school.” Because of the lovely Italian we heard, I felt at home. We’d moved from the Village, Manhattan, where I’d had dinner once in a while in a crowded Italian restaurant on 6th Avenue off Carmine, in the outdoor softly lighted garden, enveloped in warmth while listening to groups playing card games, or eating, speaking, laughing. It was Italy. I’ll miss it.


the food was inconsistent, but never bad. the staff was great and this was one of the better options to have a drink and watch a game in the neighborhood. sad to see it go.


I got a bistro burger any day that ended in “day”. Looks like I’ll need to go up the block to Pety’s, but man, this is unfortunate.

Wild Weasel

Maybe a place for often forgotten GERMAN FOOD and BREAD(wine and beer w/o a doubt)theirs ENOUGH burger sushi Italian Mexican places

Joseph Hinkofer

I remembered when that used to be Sal’s/Cassino’s Bar. They had Great Pizza, Food, and Drinks in there. There goes another piece of my old Neighborhood now that will never be the same now.


Thank you Governor Solozzo and Mayor Moron!
Destroying NYC, one day and one business at a time.


Damn I guess I missed the part in the article where Billy D and Cuomo came and padlocked the door. Must have been after they personally brought that coronavirus into NY


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