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Communitea finds new LIC location, seeks rear yard use

New location

New location

May 14, 2015 By Christian Murray

Communitea, best known for its coffee and vast selection of tea, has found a new location that includes an outdoor patio that can seat more than 20 people

The café, which had been located at 47-02 Vernon Blvd for 10 years, will be opening at 11-18 46th Road Street in a semi-industrial area. It will be offering, among other items, 50 kinds of tea, beer from local breweries, and wine.

The owners plan to offer breakfast, lunch and heavier meals for dinner, and aim to be open until midnight seven days per week. Their goal is to be open in July.

Communitea, given its desire to use its outdoor space, will be subject to a public meeting in the neighborhood, said Pat O’Brien, chairman of the committee that oversees liquor licenses.

The owners, Kafia Saxe and Lloyd Canning, were insistent that they be allowed to use the space, saying that they had selected the location due to the outdoor space. The interior has room for 40 seats, with the patio area able to seat 24.

The patio is not near any apartments, Canning said. He said that there was a parking lot on the western side of the space and an industrial building on the eastern side. Furthermore, he said, there is an office building located behind it.

Cannings was a previous owner of Lounge 47 until 2009, a bar that got into strife with its backyard space after several noise complaints.

Pat O’Brien, the chair of the liquor license committee, said that it was not an easy task to get the use of a backyard in the Hunters Point area.

“Things evolve and change and they haven’t changed yet,” he said. However, he added, “Maybe you want to go out and solicit support…from people who love Communitea.”

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Anonymous visitor

There’s only one person more hated in this neighborhood than William Garrett, and that’s Daniel Bryant.


Great news. I would like to see what justification CB2 uses to prohibit the outdoor space. These guys are really doing a disservice to our community and business owners.


Screw you, btw, William Garrett. Doesn’t care about anyone’s discomfort but his own, and is a total star-f&%king douche. He was all for M. Wells Cafe at PS1 without any thought of the neighbors. (I like M. Wells, but his hypocrisy makes me laugh/wretch.)

David K

LICJulie: I just happen to have insight into what you said about the person you mentioned in your post. It was very weird for me to randomly meet the person who “helped” close the wonderful and departed Lounge 47. Until I saw this article I had no idea that one of the owners of Communitea also owned Lounge 47. It’s a shame that 2 great small and locally owned small businesses got screwed the way that they did.

Anonymous visitor

He’s responsible for closing those places? You people have officially lost your minds.

David K.

(1) Neither of us said that he helped close BOTH places. (2) The first and only time I met him he openly and joyfully talked about he made it impossible for Lounge 47 to use their rear patio space. His entire reasoning for doing so was how he wanted to be able to enjoy his backyard. Sorry if you don’t like it but that’s the actual 100% truth.


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