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Comment Section likely to be changed, please fill out survey

Feb. 19, 2017 Staff Report

The comment section of the LIC Post is likely to change following an increase in the number of mean-spirited responses in recent times.

The LIC Post’s comment section has rarely been moderated and that was largely because of the belief of “free speech,” as well as the sheer volume of them on a day-to-day basis. Between the LIC Post and the other sites that are part of the Queens Post, more than 100 comments come in per day.

A new comment system is likely to be put in place by March 1. Before that is done we would like your feedback.

To complete the survey, please click here.

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It’s already moderated which is why I don’t visit often as I’d like… So they want to moderate it more? Bleh


I’m only 34 years old but I am amazed how modern-day liberals have completely forgotten that protected free speech doesn’t exist to shield us from compliments – free speech was engineered by the founding fathers to protect our right to say something offensive or what others would deem offensive (aside from yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater!). And if you bring this point up to any young person they assume you are either a (a) Trump-supporter (which I’m not) or a (b) fascist. Unreal. I never thought I would live in a world where liberals forgot their roots.


Stop other people from Hijacking your Tag name. Mine was hijacked by more than 1 person falsely posting as me.

Hoof Hearted

Only JVB/democrat party approved comments allowed from now on.

Enjoy your left-wing circle jerk.


Yes, there are ways such as allowing only one comment per email/IP/computer or registration with an email and etc mentioned before and other websites have done to reduce it. Maybe have an overall sentiment just as if you agree with something along with 95% of everyone else, that shows up more than the 5% who disagree who try to take over and shout/troll the everyone else.


Anonymous accounts are important, bc many people have valuable insights, which they don’t want to broadcast to their employers, neighbors and friends. The fix: 1) add a ‘report abuse’ button under each comment 2) investigate comments repeatedly flagged for abuse 3) for usernames repeatedly involved in abuse, block the ROOT EMAIL ACCOUNT and all associated usernames. This would allow anonymous posting, but enable blocking of trolls. It forces trolls to continually open an entire new email account to post, which over time becomes a pain in the butt and will drive trolls towards easier-to-troll forums in the long run.


You’re missing the point of Who’s to say what’s abuse? Calling out a politician? Or maybe calling out real estate developers? To claim mean spirited is the reason to moderate ideas is simply a ruse to stifle The Freedom of Speech. The benefits of The Freedom of Speech far outweigh the dangers.


Abuse is any intentionally off-topic, irrelevant, incessantly repetitive, or personal attacks, which do not directly further and argument related to the article. Argument from the entire political spectrum is needed. But posting about bowling alleys as MRLIC 5 times per article furthers no argument.


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