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Bloomingdale’s to Move Into Queens Plaza Office Space With Over 1,000 Jobs Starting in 2020

Rendering of the Jacx at 28-01 Jackson Ave. (Tishman Speyer)

Nov. 9, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

Bloomingdale’s has plans to move into a Queens Plaza office building, currently under construction, in 2020, and bring with it over 1,000 jobs.

The company, owned by Macy’s, will take 550,000 square-feet of office space at the site of the ongoing Jacx development at 28-01 Jackson Ave., a spokeswoman for Macy’s confirmed.

The department store’s corporate and support teams will be occupying the space, the spokesperson said.

The move, first revealed by the New York Post, will also include Bloomingdale’s CEO, Tony Spring, along with several merchandise buyers, IT workers, clerical staff, and other employees from the department store’s multiple office locations in Manhattan.

The move will foster a more collaborative work environment, give the company additional location flexibility, and increase the diversity of benefits we offer to our employees as we continue to recruit talent,” the spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman added that the company is not filling any positions, and are only moving people from Manhattan to Long Island City.

Rendering of the Jacx at 28-01 Jackson Ave. (Tishman Speyer)

The Jacx, a commercial development from Tishman Speyer, will see two identical towers at a height of 26 stories when construction is completed in the first quarter of 2019, according to the developer’s website. The buildings will consist of 1.2 million acres of retail and office space with a 1-acre terrace on the fifth floor.

Building plans for the Jackson Avenue site were filed with the Department of Buildings in 2016, records show.

Tishman Speyer has already pre-leased over 70 percent of the development to fashion and tech ventures, including companies such as Macy’s and WeWork.

Update 11/9/2017, 4:47 p.m. : Article has been updated with information provided by a spokeswoman for Macy’s.


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Funny, my recollection of LIC in the ‘80s was deserted streets, industrial and warehouse buildings, lots of trucks driving around, street walkers and condoms strewn all over the place… I kind o’ like it better now.

Last gasp

Federated Department stores is gasping for air. This will be where they die unless they can figure out how to compete with the growing monster Amazon.


Forty years ago Western Queens was a bustling area, filled with hard working immigrant families. Rents were fairly priced, local businesses were able to turn a profit rather than paying it out to the landlord. Twenty years ago the prices out of Manhattan yuppies discovered our wonderful neighborhoods and so it began. We never asked for trendy. Most of us don’t t want to be hip. The developers are making bank, and as usual the hardest working Americans are made to suffer. #gentrifiersgohome #leavequeensalone. #stayinbrooklyn


Cathy you are so right on. Every time I say something as you did here I get about 40 dislikes. Someone here suggested that Developers and Real Estate People Troll sites like LICPOST to stop any NEGATIVE POSTS from deterring any one from moving here.


Sure let’s make Crooked Hillary President as you obviously want. Trump as I said is not perfect. He did however did not want OPEN BORDERS and bring 100,000 Syrian Immigrants here. How would those refugees be vetted???? Trump had better National Security policies and other things she did not. BUILD THE WALL. Dumb-O-Crats are trying to stop our National Security from getting better. Terrorist want to strike here, in NYC and other places they can. Never forget that. We are at war whether you realize that or not.


So just to be clear, you’re complaining about greedy developers, but you gave the greediest of them all more power to keep building luxury condos by voting for him for president? What a sad hypocrite.


I’m tired of big business and greedy developers pushing out low-income families in LIC. That’s why I voted for a greedy developer for president, one that is giving tax breaks to big businesses.


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