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Beer Hall To Open In Renovated Blanchard Building

blanchard building

June 23, 2016 By Michael Florio

Long Island City’s beer scene is growing again with a new beer hall slated for Borden Avenue.

The Blanchard Building, located at 21-09 Borden Ave., will open as an office building next year following renovations and will include a ground floor beer hall, according to a spokeswoman with Related Companies, the property owner.

However, the company has not yet identified an operator of the beer hall.

Related Companies has invested $15 million in the renovation of the Blanchard Building, the spokeswoman said. The company is also renovating the nearby Paragon Building at 21-00 49th Ave. (not to be confused with the former Paragon Paint Factory on Vernon Boulevard). They have invested $30 million towards the renovation of that building, according to the spokeswoman.

When finished, both buildings will have office space as well as various retail and food options. The offices will open in 2017 and Related expects the retail and food to be ready at that time as well.

“We are transforming these ideally located buildings into premier office space and an important piece of our strategy is creating dynamic amenities for gatherings, including indoor and outdoor public spaces, restaurants, shops and cafes that will be appealing to workers and residents of the community alike,” Patrick Sweeney, SVP of Related Companies, said.

The New York Times previously reported on the beer hall opening.

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any lease supersedes a sale
maybe you shouldn’t sign a lease with a demo clause
or tell your lawyer to stay off the links


Purchase was a joint effort of Green Oak and Related Companies. They are throwing out all the tenants in the building. They do not communicate. Small businesses located in the building will close and layoffs imminent. They do not care about humans or quality of life. It’s about dollars. Check out their campaign contributions to POS Mayor De Blasio. Corruption at its best. Hopefully karma will find its way to Sweeney and his thieves.


“It’s about dollars.”

Gosh, who would have ever thought that a business would want to make money? Thank you, Captain Obvious, for pointing out this unthinkable reality.


I think you miss his point. Many local businesses are going to be displaced and leases not renewed. Same thing happened with tenants in the Cigar Factory. Current tenants were offered rents at triple what they were paying. That is not sustainable for local business. These aren’t even prime locations to where the exorbitant increase is justified. They have to offset the cost of purchasing in a market that is way overpriced
The same thing is happening with many of our warehouse and industrial spaces

LIC resident

This is a pretty ballsy endeavor. I live fairly close to this building, but still on the other side of the LIE, and I haven’t come by ever since I stopped using fresh direct. At least they have transmitter brewery taking a pioneering lead in developing in this direction. It’s going to be tough. Transmitter brewery is already pretty hidden, this place will be worse. There is a metal pedestrian footbridge under the LIE that makes the trek shorter. But still, I can’t picture someone not from the neighborhood even being able to find this place. I’m hoping for the best.


Yeah….the location is going to be tough. I hope they succeed, but I am not holding my breath. Maybe Comrade Mayor’s streetcar will have a stop in front.


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