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A proposal for another dog run in Hunters Point–put on hold

PS 312

PS 312

July 25, 2013 By Christian Murray

Some dogs in Long Island City might not have their day after all.

A proposal to construct a dog run near a new elementary school has been put on hold following concerns from a local parents group that it would put young children at risk.  They argue that it would result in a high concentration of dogs near the school that would increase the chances of children being bitten by dogs.

The proposed dog run would be located on a narrow piece of land between the Queens West Sportsfield and PS 312, which will open this September. However, it would be in a location convenient for tenants who live in TF Cornerstone buildings.

The dog run would be the fourth in Hunters Point–with one on Vernon Blvd (48th Ave.); one at Murray Park; and another one scheduled to open in a matter of weeks when the Hunters Point South park space opens.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said “the parents have valid concerns and that the proposal will not move forward until community groups, the parents and elected officials all weigh in on the matter.“  He said that he had spoken to the director of New York State Parks about its proximity to PS 312–and that they are also considering other possible sites.

sportsfieldThe Long Island City Parents Group, which represents about 600 parents, sent a letter to public officials in opposition the proposed site.

They put forward a number of issues. Besides their concern about dog bites, they believe that the dog run would distract the students, since many children would be able to see and hear the dogs through the classroom windows.

Furthermore, they believe that the children are more likely to step on dog excrement on the way to school, which would cause hygiene problems when they track it inside.

“We are not opposed to dogs,” said Kris Schrey, who is a co-organizer of the Long Island City Parents Group. “Many of the parents have dogs. We just think the dog run should be moved someone else. It’s just common sense.”

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Protect Dog Parents

I have a dog – and frankly I’m concerned about all the children with bad banners who run around and think they can touch my dog whenever they want. Children have germs and spread sickness all the time. Responsible dog owners pick up poop.

How about we make a Children’s Run and require all the loud children to stay in their confined spaces? Yay!

Dogs rule

This commentary is pretty ridiculous. I’m a dog owner who actually lives on 46th Ave and would love another run to take my boy but it’s they won’t build a dog park there. No need to bash parents or dog owners here. Relax people.

Two sides

The people making the nasty anti dog comments are not helping their cause one bit.
There is a way for both sides to enjoy the public areas.

As far as the comment about cleaning the kids park and saying if we do not like it to leave………

When I stop walking by the vernon park and see that kiddie pool(and 4-5 other bins) full of dirty water and urine from the night before is when that argument becomes valid.

If I brought a pool and left it in the kids park night after night left full, it would last about 2-3 days before the city or other parents threw it away. West nile virus anyone?

I do not have a pet and love animals but I have never seen another dog park that allowed standing water and LIC kids parks never would. Maybe address that on your next “clean up day”.

Dogs and kids

There will be a 4th dog run. And just 2 blocks away behind the biggest tf cornerstone, 45-45 Cebter Blvd – once the street between the building and the canal will be open.

Mom of a toddler and a dog

This Saturday is the monthly “Dog Park Clean Up Day” which I always attend. How often have you guys cleaned the kids playgrounds? I don’t see any parent picking up in there every once in a while.

And to “Dogs Owners are the worst”…if you don’t want to leave in a “giant dog toilet” there is only one way to change that. Leave.

Giant dog toilet…what a joke.

Dogs Owners Are the Worst

Dog owners are ridiculously entitled in LIC. I’m in awe with the disgusting things I see people encouraging their dogs to do everyday. One guy holding a leash while his dog peed on the front stoop of an apartment building – but it wasn’t a fancy condo so who cares. Another woman puts her dog behind a fence into someone’s flower garden to do their business cuz there is just no where else for her dog to go!! Get a designer dog and then get a dog walker to check in on them while you’re working 14 hours a day – then, of course, you need a thousand places for your dog to run free for the 20 minutes a day you’re paying attention. I am so sick of living in a giant dog toilet and I’m grateful that there are rules about not letting dogs in the park where people would like to sit on the grass. The lawn behind the basketball courts is disgusting and no one is able to enjoy it but the neighborhood dogs anyway. Do we really need to give all our green space to dog runs?

Dog Owner and Parent

Jesus Christ. Yes, yes, yes…it’s the wrong place for a dog run. You all made your point very clear. There was not a chance in hell that a dog run would have been build in that location in the first place. Now calm down everyone and stop writing in all CAPS. Like that makes it more important or something. As one of the writers above said: You are acting like they are planning a nuclear plant over there. Good lord. Lets get all the dog owners out of the neighborhood so the kids can live in peace. And while we are at it…lets get old people out too. And smokers! Smokers for sure. And people who drink every once in a while. No room for them in the neighborhood either…

Wrong Place!

This new school building will also house a special school for kids with acute learning disabilities. Enormous care and effort goes into providing an appropriate environment that will allow these children to be reached and learn, from special lighting that will not cause seizures, to one on one teaching. Now imagine dogs barking outside the windows of these children’s classrooms! What a terrible distraction this would be for these children and their teachers! What a disservice to them would this be, if this dog run is built right below their classrooms. It would be simply unconscionable. Anyone with any basic notion of planning and education would understand this immediately. WRONG PLACE FOR A DOG RUN!


This story headline should be corrected.

Once Hunters Point South opens there will be 3 dog runs, so adding another run near the new buildings will be a 4th dog run.

Vernon Blvd
Hunters Point South
Murray Park

* Not to mention owners who run (i.e., dogs off leash) their dogs in the park across the street from the vernon run and the green area beside the artificial field. If you include those places, there are already 2 official and 2 unofficial dog runs within hunters point.

Kid Lover

@Dog Lover

RO just submitted some statistics. If you have other statistics please provide, instead of bringing in nuclear power.

Hunters Point has multiple dog runs and new spaces opening up. If there is a good space that can be found away from a school, perhaps that’s a more constructive use of your time.

* btw – plenty of pet owners bring their pets into Gantry park right bside the pepsi sign. Just go for a walk in the morning, and you’ll see the folks who run their dogs. Also, the little green area right across the street from the vernon dog run is another defacto dog run. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Dog Lover

OH MY GOD…what a horror a dog run! You would think from the reaction that a nuclear power plant or a toxic waste facility was planned there.
Most of the dogs I have seen in LIC are not bare-teethed snarling beasts but ordinary every day domestic pets. The argument about dog bites is fallacious. What are you going to let your children in the run to play? Dogs are banned from the waterfront by the Pepsi sign s please build the run.


The arguments above about dog bites seem weak at best in my opinion. I do agree with a poster above about hygiene and standing water. Dog park users would have a stronger argument if they were better about keeping the Vernon run somewhat sanitary.


Regardless of anyone’s opinion on this matter, I find it odd that a couple of “leaders” of a 600 member group sends letters to public officials stating the opinion of the group when members of that group were never asked their opinion.


If you are going to oppose something the best time to do it is before it is built and before money is spent. As a parent I think it is our job to advocate for our children just like the dog owners have a right to advocate for their dogs. While I have never seen a dog bite a child in LiC and I would think it is not something that happens regularly, why increase the chances by putting a dog run next to a school that is going to have hundreds of screaming children entering and exiting the building. I don’t think anyone is oppose to having an extra dog run, but they are opposing the location of this one. I am glad you agree that this is the wrong location for the dog run and I am sure that a better location can be found.

Dog Owner and Parent

That’s a great argument, though, to teach children how to act with and around dogs. I haven’t seen any kids being bitten by dogs in our neighborhood. I have seen plenty of injured kids on the playgrounds, though. Broken legs, twisted ankles, torn ligaments and so on.

Listen, I don’t think the proposed location is the best myself. I agree with that. I just don’t understand the righteousness of some parents and groups in the neighborhood. That dog park wasn’t even a real thing yet. It was just a whisper of an idea but some people who just have way to much time on their hands needed to fight it right away.

I love LIC, I have lived here for a long time. But little by little the neighborhood is changing…and not for the better. But that’s is what happens when wealthier families movie in. They want to make it their own. That is how life goes…


I am note sure why this is even an issue. Why have barking dogs next to a school where children are trying to concentrate. Also while most dog owners are responsible there are a few that are not and allow their dogs off the leash and/or do not clean up after them.

According to the CDC 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs annually of which most are children. This is because children don’t know how to act around dogs and sometimes knowingly or unknowingly provoke them.

According to the CDC 200,000 children are hurt annually due to playground injuries. So the argument above does not make much sense.

Why not move the dog run next to Anable Basin?


Long Island City Parents Group seems like a bunch of ‘Concerned Mom’s – I mean they had the idea of moving 5Ptz to MoMa PS1, didn’t they?

lic lover

Once the school is open, that green area with picnic tables is a great place for kids to be outdoors doing their homework, having lunch and/just playing around.


Jamie – I received the letter from the LIC parents group. It was signed by the two-leaders.

And I do think the parents in this neighborhood DO NEED some representation by folks who care about kids above dogs.


The answer is simple, find another spot for the dog park, instead of ripping out places designed for people.

Dog Owner and Parent

I am a TF cornerstone resident and the train park is only a 10 minute stroll from here. So not far at all. I think there are as many irresponsible dog owners as there are irresponsible parents. The argument that the dogs will bite the children is absurd. More kids got hurt by the playground equipment than by dogs in the neighborhood. If that argument is valid than there should be no new playgrounds as well. I would hate to see the kids get hurt by those vicious swings.


i can’t really speak to that as my kid is potty trained. i can’t speak to whether or not their dogs are potty trained.

i’m more concerned about the homeless vets pooping in train park.

i assume that you’re not a tf cornerstone resident. train park is very very far away from those majestic towers and i fear they don’t offer shuttle bus service to the park…yet

Dog Owner and Parent

The dog owners who apparently “leave multiple random bags of poop on the street” must be the same people who let their kids take poops on the playground or let them pee on the trees. Happens all the time at Choo-Choo Park.


tf cornerstone already has their own private appleseed franchise that is for tenants children’s use only. let them build their own dog run on their own property instead of infringing on our public spaces

as one of those parents not consulted, i’m totally fine with this “misrepresentation”.

perhaps those multiple random water pails are left full by the same folks who leave multiple random bags of poop on the street. yes yes yes, i know. my dog doesn’t do that. (o_O)


Has anyone ever seen a dog or public park anywhere else in 5 boroughs with multiple random water pails and pools left full over night?

The place is disgusting and I would not those west nile breeding pools near my kids either.

The city needs to keep the ones they have clean first.


I think it’s important to note that the people who sent the letter to Jimmy Van Bramer did so without consulting the 600 members of the parents group they represent. This was the letter of one individual who abused their soapbox and misrepresented the opinion of his organization.


A dog run right beside the school and field? So they are going to rip out the grass and picnic tables?

Isn’t there already 3 dog runs (vernon, new hunters point south and murray park), not to mention dogs allowed the piers?

Please dog folks, find another spot. Or maybe we should just move the kids, eh?


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