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$500,000 going toward Long Island City bikeway

Van Bramer announcing the projects to be funded

Van Bramer announces the projects to be funded

May 7, 2015 By Christian Murray

Long Island City will be getting plenty of funds for an elaborate bikeway through the neighborhood

The bikeway is one of the three projects that is going to be funded as part of a vote where residents were able to cast their ballots to determine how $1 million in city funds should be spent.

Voters had 27 neighborhood projects to choose from and were able to cast their ballots in a number of neighborhood locations between April 11 and 19. The voters, for the most part, came from Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside.

The three most popular projects totaled a little over $1 million and will be funded.

Those projects were: the Long Island City bikeway ($500,000); a 10-person van for seniors at the Jacob Riis Settlement House ($55,000); and five playground upgrades at the Queensbridge Houses ($500,000).

While the projects came in at a little over $1 million, Van Bramer said that he would find extra funds to ensure that all three capital projects are funded.

“I think we see the power of this process,” Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said last night at LIC Bar, where he revealed the projects that would being funded. “These decisions were decided by you, no me,” he said.

The $1 million dollars that was put up for a vote is part of a process called participatory budgeting. The concept provides residents with a direct say as to how the money should be spent in the district.

This was the first year the concept was adopted in the 26th District.

Residents were able to vote for as many as five neighborhood projects—from a list of 27. The projects that received the most votes—up until approximately $1 million is exhausted—will be funded.

However, in a twist, Van Bramer said that he would fund five other projects that were popular from his own discretionary council funds.

Those projects are:

Woodside forestry—additional trees between 49th and 69th Streets near Broadway ($200,000) ; real time passenger bus countdown clocks ($100,000); accessibility improvements for Woodside Library ($50,000); accessibility Improvements for Sunnyside Library ($50,000); and tech upgrades for PS/IS 78 ($75,000).

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What they should do is make a bike and pedestrian bridge at the tip of Hunters Point South across the East River that would hook up with the Greenway in Manhattan.

Never happen of course, but that would be phenomenal

36 Years in the Hood

Does anyone know exactly what this bikeway will be and its route? I’m hoping it will be like that stretch of Kent street (among other places) where the parked car lane is moved one lane to the left, and bikes, joggers et al get the lane next to the curb. So much more safe and logical.


$500,000 for five playground upgrades at the Queensbridge Houses. Is there absolutely nothing else to spend $500,000 on to add real value to the neighborhood?

Amadeo Plaza

Holy shit! My group’s project is getting funded! I was a delegate on the transportation committee (which is where the bikeway fell under). The system works! Hahaha.


Yes, now even more of us can enjoy the pleasure of a belligerent cyclist giving us the finger after nearly running down in a crosswalk while crossing with a walk signal. Progress!


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