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Woodbines, which took over from Lounge 47, to construct an extension over rear yard space

47-10 Vernon Blvd

Woodbines, 47-10 Vernon Blvd

April 15, 2014 By Christian Murray

Woodbines, the gastropub that took over the space that was once home to Lounge 47, has plans to expand.

Pat Burke, who opened Woodbines last August, said he wants to build an enclosed space that covers the entire rear yard, which was once used as a backyard space by Lounge 47.

When Burke opened Woodbines, he agreed that he would not use the rear yard space, given the long war that raged between fans of Lounge 47 and William Garrett, who lives next door, about noise.

Burke now has plans to spend a significant sum to enclose the entire rear yard, which will add about 1,000 sqf. to his existing 1,300 sqf. bar– and seal it from noise. With the addition, Woodbines will have a second bar, 48 additional seats and two more restrooms.

Burke said that there will be no windows with the new enclosure so neighbors such as Garrett will be shielded from noise. He said it would be constructed out of 8 inch thick masonry block with sheet-rock interior walls. Furthermore, he said he would put sound-proof insulation in the ceiling.

Burke, who has to alter his liquor license with the addition, spoke to Community Board 2 last Wednesday about his plans.

At the meeting, Pat O’Brien, who heads the committee overseeing liquor licenses, read an e-mail that William Garrett had sent to CB2 Chair Joe Conley (which copied Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer) outlining his concerns. Garrett, via e-mail, said he was concerned about “inferior construction” and said that the extension would lead to more patrons standing outside smoking and making noise.

The board dismissed his accusation about questionable construction after Burke provided details as to how the extension would be built, along with plans from his engineer. Furthermore, additional pedestrian traffic from more patrons did not seem to raise questions.

However, while the community board appeared to have a favorable view of the plan, it did want to check in with one neighbor to ensure that it would not completely block her window before giving it the thumbs up.

Construction, if all is approved, would start in about two months. The extension would take about four months to build.

Burke said that construction would take place Monday-Friday (during conventional work hours) and that the bar would remain open the entire time.

Rear garden

Rear garden

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Poor, poor Willy Garrett, won’t be able to hose anybody through that 8 inch no windows wall… 😀 Btw, I hope that the ceiling is not TOO sound-proof and the whole extension will act as a big membrane, picking up the low frequency vibrations from the loud music that they’ll play till 4 AM. Sweet dreams, Willy…! Also, I hope the former owners/managers of Lounge 47 have read this article and I wish they had the imagination and courage of Mr. Burke.

LIC Dude


He’s had his say and hopefully now this neighborhood can move forward without having him hold the entire area hostage with his feeble demands on free market businesses.

Loving this new community board! Get at it!


So it’s because of one cranky old man that the entire neighborhood can’t have better bars and restaurants? Are you kidding me!?


I’m confused about that window. If that window is on the side of the neighbors building that faces Woodbines backyard, is it not a lot line window? If so, I don’t think they need her permission to block it.


I thought about the window too.
Good busienss is great for them and they see potential to grow and have courage to invest.
As for WG…stop whining. Love the CB2 response to it. If you want quiet move to the burbs.


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