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Woman Faces Up to 15 Years in Prison After Giving Birth to Infant in LIC Hotel and Leaving Baby to Die

Days Inn (Google)

March 26, 2019 By Christian Murray

A 36-year-old woman faces up to 15-years in prison after giving birth to a baby in the toilet of a Long Island City hotel and letting her prematurely born infant die.

Lauren Becker, of Long Island, was charged with second degree manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child. She was arraigned Friday via video conference, since she is in hospital, and ordered to return to court April 5.

Becker, according to the complaint, gave birth to a baby girl at the Days Inn Hotel, located at 31-32 Queens Blvd., on July 18, 2018. Her infant was born six to eight weeks early and was alive at birth. The baby had cocaine and Xanax in her system, according to authorities.

Becker allegedly reached out to a relative at the time of birth and was advised to take her new born to the hospital. She refused and authorities later tracked her down at around 7:30 p.m. by searching the hotel where they found her on the sixth floor.

Authorities found Becker and her infant daughter, whose body was lifeless, blue and wrapped in a towel on top of a bed. Emergency medical technicians transported her baby to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

“The victim in this case was a defenseless baby, just hours old,” said Chief Assistant District Attorney John Ryan. “Her young life was cut short because the newborn’s mother allegedly refused to seek the medical care the baby needed after being born six to eight weeks early with drugs in her blood.”

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Like it or not, it’s a functioning hotel. You can go here and rent a room. Most of these homeless people that are villanized here are regular, law-abiding NYers who for one reason or another are without a place to live. I can’t believe you would prefer them to be on the street.

A Woodsider

Once again Mrs. De Boz0’s “Thrive” has failed! A wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers money! Where are the social workers this money should be paying for? Why isn’t Mrs. De Bozo accountable? Why isn’t our City Council holding her accountable? Disgusting!


> Where are the social workers this money should be paying for?

Where they always were: Social Services.

If you tried learning maybe you wouldn’t be so outraged all the time?


They were involved actually. You should not assume things. As you read in the article, the child was born prematurely. Social workers cannot do anything with regard to a fetus. If that is a problem then change the laws! I promise you they tried really hard but are not given as much power as many think.

Princess Vespa

So we should have social workers everywhere, set up like Peanuts Lucy and her 5c Booth???

PS: many social workers are fooling themselves and all their patients. Many are actually anti social themselves!

Dear Boss

That poor, innocent soul. I guess we can thank Jesus for taking His child now instead of 6years later like sweet baby Zeymere Perkins. Be someone else’s guardian angel, sweetheart.


Yes it would, but maybe the purpose was to draw attention to cause reform. Also consider how much pain this child would be in, going through withdrawal symptoms. Adult can barely handle it, is it fair for a child to suffer due to their parent’s poor choices?? I think God knows better.


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