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Van Bramer to protest No. 7 train weekend outage tomorrow

7subway1Dec. 27, 2012 By Christian Murray

Elected officials, members of the cultural community and business owners are holding a press conference tomorrow (December 28th, 2012) to demand that the MTA change the planned work that would leave the 7 Train down for 13 consecutive weekends.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who is organizing the event, said that the community is outraged over the length of the outages and the perpetual lack of communication from the MTA to transit riders.

“The large cultural community in Long Island City is especially hard hit as an industry that relies on weekend attendance. Enough is enough: 7 Train riders and the people of Queens deserve better,” Van Bramer said.

WHAT:           Press Conference on 13 weekends of 7 Train outage in Long Island City


WHEN:           Friday, December 28th at 10:00 A.M.


WHERE:        Corner of Vernon Blvd. & 50th Avenue, Long Island City, Queens


WHO:             Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, Community Members

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Sunnyside Up

One should also see the other side of the coin too though: maintenance and changes are necessary. We are always ready to complain with things like this but we are lucky to have the 7 train which is, if not the best, one of the best in the system. Also what if the MTA came to the LIC businesses and said: what is the best time for you to let us do the maintenance? Do you think they would all agree to a specific timeframe? Besides isn’t spring and after the high season for every business? I do feel bad for the rest of the working people though who need to walk in the cold to get to the shuttles but for sure you can’t have it all.
I do dislike the MTA for the mismanage of most of the things that involve the system, but I can’t find anything wrong about the maintenance. If they will make the train better, I am all for them.


please, i work every weekend. saturday and sunday. what is normally a 15 minute ride to the city now becomes an hour in each direction. unacceptable. why can’t we get a bus to grand central. we can pay our fare but we will at least get to the city and can get to the train lines we need.


On another thought , if you are all worried about service interruption , picture how it will be if Jerry Wolkoff wins and gets authorisation to demolish 5 Pointz and build condos instead ?
months of service interruption

Lucky Lu

I don’t think this is for the elite either, but the people in LIC, especially near the Vernon-Jackson and Hunters Point stations really get the shaft when the 7 train is not running as there is no easy and regular bus service to that area. I am not part of the “LIC elite” but since I pay $104 (and soon $112) each month for a MetroCard and the 7 is how I get to and from work (including on weekends), I darn well expect to be able to use it. 13 consecutive weekends is absolutely unacceptable. Every year it’s the same story from the MTA. They spring this lengthy shutdown on the residents along the 7 line at the last minute and claim it’s done in order to install a new signal system. Wait, that was the excuse last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…how many MTA workers does it take and how many months are needed to screw in that lightbulb?


Please! At least they can set up a fast track system like they did on the 4.5.6 train. Cutting us off on the weekends for such a long duration is uncalled for!


I like JVB, but please. This is not for the people, it is for the businesses. This is not for the working Joe’s in Woodside, it is for the cultural and financial elite in LIC. Van Bramer is a good guy, but he is also a politician who’s re-election treasure chest depends on the big wallets down by the water. Just the plain facts, no overcast of emotion.


actually i represent a boutique event firm and 5 Pointz aerosol art center … we are def not elite … and operate iwthout grants … we will be there tomorrow to represent the people .. and the Joe’s … will keep you posted and share our feeling sycamore … thanks for sharing


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