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Van Bramer calls for the closing of Queens Blvd club, just days after two local strip joints have been shut down


Dec. 15, 2015 By Christian Murray

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer will hold a rally outside a Queens Blvd nightclub Thursday calling for the establishment to be shut down.

The rally will target Club Allure, a nightclub located at 33-02 Queens Blvd, which Van Bramer says is to often the place of shootings and assaults and needs to be closed for good. He will be joined by Captain John Travaglia, the commanding officer of the 108 Police Precinct.

secretsThe rally comes on the heels of two strip club shutdowns by the 108 Police Precinct this month. Secrets, located at 49-14 Queens Blvd, was closed by court order 10 days ago after a fatal shooting took place there; and Show Palace, located at 42-50 21st Street, was closed by court order Friday.

The Daily News reported Saturday that Show Palace was closed after investigators found servers selling marijuana and cocaine along with non-alcoholic drinks and lap dances.

Thursday’s rally is focused on Club Allure. “This establishment has a terrible track record where there have been fights and shootings on a regular basis,” Van Bramer said.

The councilman said that earlier this month a patron got into an argument with a bouncer and then threatened to come back to the club with a gun. The police intercepted the patron and confiscated the gun. A police officer, however, was injured in making the arrest.

In October 2014, two men got into a gun fight outside the club and shot four bystanders.

The following month, a man stabbed a fellow patron during a dispute inside the club.ShowPalace

“The owners are clearly incapable of patrolling their own premises,” Van Bramer said. “It is a real and present danger for the people going to the club and for people who might happen to be walking by.”

The owners of Club Allure could not be reached for comment.

Secrets and Show Palace were both closed under the city’s Nuisance Abatement Law. In most instances, bars/clubs are able to reopen after agreeing to meet strict rules.

Show Palace, an all nude strip club in Long Island City, has been trying to get its liquor license since it opened. It has a hearing scheduled with the State Liquor Authority later this week.

Captain Travaglia, Community Board 2 Chair Pat O’Brien and a representative from Van Bramer’s office will be making a case as to why it shouldn’t be granted one.


Thursday: 9 am

Location: 33-02 Queens Blvd

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Looks to me the issue is easy access to guns, not the night clubs. Also, the strip clubs and even Allure are in out of the way places, so I don’t see the big deal and why a politician pretends to care by holding a rally.

Anonymous visitor

Real respectful men don’t hang out in these tacky places. Why not take your wife or girlfriend out on the town? Escape to a beach resort or someplace else and show your woman a classy time? Swilling overpriced drinks in sketchy places while a bunch of women who clearly could give a rat’s ass about you while they mechanically shake their flesh in your face is just sad, sad, SAD.


Bring back burlesque!

Lap dances, nude workers: Tony Soprano would approve. These places make money exploiting young women. Has anyone any interest in looking into:
Age of workers? Runaway status?
Exploitation by pimps, bosses (paid fairly, not just “tips,” hours, taxes and Social Security, and legal U.S. status).
Sex joints proximity to schools?


@Dana A gov’t that has a so called “pro-business” agenda and doesn’t care about it’s very own citizens being replaced by illegal alien slave labor. A gov’t that passes Right to work for less legislation as soon as they get the opportunity. Do you really believe a gov’t that uses a visa program to fill the jobs that haven’t been given to illegal aliens or shipped overseas really care about any of the issues you out lined in your post? Grow up nobody cares…


Jimmy is such a joke. Why not hold a rally to open more schools in the neighborhood, or even better transportation options for current LIC residents? He’s always doing petty crap like this instead of focusing on the real problems we have in LIC.


Many of these clubs moved out to LIC in the 90’s when they were pushed out of Manhattan and residential neighborhoods in Queens. It was a “quasi red light district”. Few residents and little opposition. Now things have changed. New York should “really” toy with the creation of a true red light district. Not everyone wants to see life through the eyes of an eight year old. People like Jason Whitman have a valid point. You need to band together and demand to be heard. You pay taxes too.

Jason Whitman

I really think this is a case of a council person trying to build his name by trying to tarnish the name of a neighborhood business or as was said previously he must have a friend that wants to build a 10 story high rise apt or condo nearby. I go to this club frequently and like 2 blocks away and I could tell you this club is not bad in the least. I go to many clubs in New York and this has one of the better crowds in queens. It’s a drinking establishment and like any other drinking establishment things may happen on occasion but in 3 years a handful of incidents does not make it dangerous. This is New York and bad things happen everywhere. What are we supposed to do enforce a curfew ? Oh I get it lets rally for something as petty as this. There are so many other issues happening in this city that needs attention and its funny that this is what this councilperson feels is what is wrong with Queens. JVB please wake up and start tackling some of the real problems that are plaguing our great neighborhood.

This is not Disneyworld

No 3rd term for Jimmy Van Bramer. The cops basically do whatever the community board, and Van Bramer tell them to do like robots. This is a corrupt mess!

Rooting for Show Palace!


Quite happy Show Palace has been shut down. It should never have opened. It wasn’t wanted by the community and they have done nothing but lie from day one. There is no way they are going to get a liquor license now.


Why could you support a place where the employees were selling cocaine and pot? Were they supplying your fix?


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