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US Files Suit Against Hunters Point-Based Seafood Company For Allegedly Distributing Contaminated Food

Aug. 20, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

The United States has filed a lawsuit against a Long Island City-based seafood company for allegedly selling contaminated products in violation of federal law.

The complaint was filed today against Foo Yuan Food Products Company, Inc., located at 23-01 Borden Ave., by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The lawsuit alleges that the company violated the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act by causing contaminated food to be introduced into interstate commerce, and seeks to stop the company and its officers from preparing and distributing seafood products.

23-01 Borden Ave. (Google Maps)

The complaint alleges that the company, which prepares and distributes ready-to-eat fish balls, fried fish cakes, and fried fish balls, failed to adequately control the risk of two types of bacteria growth and formation in susceptible products.

“When food processors ignore federal laws concerning the preparation of food, they subject the public to serious health risks,” said United States Attorney Richard P. Donoghue in a statement.  “The Department of Justice has asked the Court to stop the defendants from processing, packaging or distributing any more food until they establish that they can comply with federal laws and regulations designed to avert those health risks.  Today’s action demonstrates our commitment to protecting the public from potentially contaminated food.”

The FDA also noted that significant deficiencies were documented in the Long Island City facility after past inspections, with a recent inspection revealing a failure to maintain the cleanliness of food contact sources, and a failure in ensuring all workers coming into contact with food conform to hygienic practices.

A 2014 inspection, furthermore, resulted in a warning letter sent by the FDA to the company noting “serious violations” in FDA regulations at the site.

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Thank you.

The president I voted for clearly surrounds himself with career criminals like Rick Gates and Paul Manafort, that committed egregious financial crimes in order to benefit very wealthy people; but he’s not to blame for the fish balls.

I’m still trying to understand why a working class person like me could be so gullible to vote for a billionaire. Then again, Fox News told me immigrants are scary.

stan chaz

According to unhinged tantrum-tweeting Trump:
who needs regulations?
Let these businesses do what they please.
God, HE’S the one that’s most in need of regulation!
And replacement.


Balme everything on TRUMP> he was still a better choice than “NO BORDERS” refugee loving, 33,000 E-mails deleted Hillary.


Serious violations in 2014 and they were allowed to keep operating for 4 more years before being shut down?


They were my favorite purveyor of ready-to-eat fish balls. I’ve never fit so many ready-to-eat fish balls in my mouth as the one that came from this place. Hillary’s emails.


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