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Two Jackson Avenue properties to be demolished


Dec. 30, 2015 Staff Report

Two Jackson Avenue buildings are scheduled to be demolished, according to filings with the Department of Buildings.

The 3-story buildings are located next to Uber at 27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue, with both including ground floor retail and four apartment units.

The owner of record is listed as John McInerney of 21-51 Jackson Ave LLC.

No development plans have been filed.


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LIC is already headed in the wrong direction with overcrowded subways, skyscrapers on every corner in the court square area.


In this day and age under DiBlaso, it is so much better to read about new apartment units being built than homeless shelters or “affordable housing” units being built by the city. I live in the area and feel that the older buildings are going to be demolished sooner or later and might as well be rebuilt for the working class that can afford to pay their own way.


I go through this area a lot: by bike, by foot, by bus and by train, and it’s a milllion times better than it was. The “character” of the buildings in and around Queens Plaza left decades ago- there’s nothing left to preserve.


these buildings are what retain and contribute to the character of a neighborhood.
it’s unfortunate to see them torn down for some shitty low quality condo building.

I don’t care how much the price is, nothing in this area is being built to the caliber that so much of Brooklyn is seeing.

our neighborhood is being overrun by cheap, tacky, low quality developments.


rip the vinyl off and there’s probably some nice brick under it.
or are you one of those guys who only sees what’s on the surface?


That is sad. Those are very nice low-rise buildings. Add one more cheaply constructed “luxury” condo to LIC. Boring.


My guess it will be converted to Luxury Condos like all the others in LIC or maybe another Hotel? Overkill is what’s happening in LIC. If the Hotel or Condo fails it will be converted to Battered womens shelter or a Homeless facility in 2 years or so. The City will pay as of 2015 $4,000 a month per family. It is more profitable to run these shelters than use the Hotel or Condo for their original intentions. Developers won;t be happy until all of old LIC is gone and turn LIC into overcrowded Manhattan along with its high prices.


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