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Two businesses about to leave Vernon Blvd., casualties of impending rent hikes

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Nov. 18, 2014 By Christian Murray

The business body count is continuing to mount on Vernon Blvd—as two commercial tenants are getting ready to leave.

The Institute for Face & Body Solutions and LIC Chiropractic will be moving out of 47-12 Vernon Blvd in upcoming months. The building is about to be sold and they have been told that they should be prepared to leave.

The owner, who runs the beauty shop, said that she is a middle of negotiating a new space nearby. Meanwhile, Dr. Angelo Ippolito, the owner of LIC Chiropractic, has already found space on 47th Avenue, just around the corner.

The owner of the beauty shop said that the combined rent (of both the beauty shop and LIC Chiropractic) will most likely double to $9,000 per month.

The loss of the two businesses adds to the carnage on Vernon Blvd in the past 18 months—with the closure of Cranky’s Cafe/1682 French Louisiana, Communitea, Papo Fried Chicken, Mario’s Deli and the impending closure of the Chinese restaurant New City Kitchen Express.

“The rents are very high and it is very difficult for your typical business to make money,” said Rick Rosa, the managing director for Douglas Elliman’s Long Island City office. “Unless a business is filling a niche it can be very tough.”

Meanwhile, at 47-12 Vernon, two of the four apartments upstairs have already been vacated.

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Sophia. Goodwind

If you be so kind to remove my Email from your list, please do. I am fed up
with these back and fort comment…sincerely. Good By


when you get the email telling you there is a new comment, click the last link in the email, you can then unsubscribe from the updates. happy holidays

Sophia. Goodwind

I really believe that most of the food joints here are not worth what they
Charge. Their food is not the same all the time .Most of the time, worse,
Their portions are for childrens…. Get with it not many familys have a money
Tree . The wine alone will cost your paycheck. Most of all. You have to have
Heart and soul. Be human not selfish and superior attitude like a few
Merchants on is food the other will crack your bones. Good luck to all?

good god

bad grammar aside, you can’t blame the vendors. restaurants that are established and own their property haven’t inflated their prices too much (san marino, juniors, pj lehays, manducatti’s). New comers paying high rent have to charge high prices to cover their high rent. That’s how money works. Put the blame where it belongs, on the landlords.


I am a former chiropractor:

I have been doing a vascular surgery rotation for the past month, which is part of my postgraduate medical education. During my chiropractic training, when the subject of manipulation-induced stroke was brought up, we were reassured that “millions of chiropractic adjustments are made each year and only a few incidents of stroke have been reported following neck manipulation.” I recently found that two of the patients on my vascular service that suffered a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) had undergone neck manipulation by a chiropractor, one the day that symptoms had begun and the other four days afterward. If indeed the incidence of stroke is rare, one M.D. would see a case of manipulation-induced CVA about every 10 years. But I believe I have seen two in the past month! I therefore urge my medical colleagues to question their patients regarding recent visits to a chiropractor/neck manipulation when confronted with patients that present with the neurologic symptoms of stroke. I also urge potential chiropractic patients to not allow their necks to be manipulated in any way. The risk-to-benefit ratio is much too high to warrant such a procedure.

—Rob Alexander, M.D.

Sophia. Goodwind

You all are correct. The neiighborhood is gone. There not much left to L.I.C.
A handfull of good places to take your family, 2 diners,a chinese take out,
Bella Via,, Manetta, Junior. And Saint Mary’s Church. Everything else
Is promoting. drunks.with parents bringing their childrens in bars very loud,
Music.and peaple .That’s not cool.

Was that english?

I would say some people’s idea of a neighborhood is gone. I would also say that there have been significant improvements to the neighborhood over the short (~6 years) time that I have been in LIC.

Just because a business has been around for a while doesn’t automatically grant them “good place” status. Some of those places are resting on their laurels and deserve a little competition.

I personally haven’t seen any drunks with parents who bring their children (wouldn’t that make the children and the drunks the same person?) into bars, but I tend to spend time with the people I go out with, and not spend time judging the other patrons; that wouldn’t be very neighborly.


More great news! Now we can get a Starbucks or a McDonalds, or, with a little luck, a Taco Bell or KFC/Pizza Hut combo. Then, finally, LIC can become a real neighborhood with all the vital amenities that every neighborhood needs!

Ok, just in case you don’t get it, although I’m pretty sure everyone will get this, this is pure sarcasm! Just making sure nobody misunderstands. Even though I will never use a beauty parlor or a chiropractor, I don’t like small businesses being priced out of existence.


Of course I don’t think anyone likes small businesses being priced out of existence. But the point others are trying to make is that the Chiropractor wasn’t worth having in the first place. Now Mario’s deli. That was a loss for the neighborhood.


Chiropracty is based on physics, so if it’s quackery, then so is physics. On a personal level it has saved me from a world of grief over the years. Yes, I have run across chiropractors who are less than effective, but there are, believe me, plenty of allopaths–MDs–who are incompetent. Passionless. Uncommitted. There is no logic to the attacks here. Your anonymity allows you to belittle others with impunity.


If there is any adjusting to be done? go to a real Dr. An Osteopath that can release the nitrogen gas from your joints(this is all the “adjustment” really does) as well as provide Traditional care. In Canada chiro’s are extremely limited on what they can do because of a long history of adjustments causing strokes and vertebral artery dissections. Just put this into Google and read for yourself
“vertebral artery dissection and chiropractic manipulation” Look at some of the sources. Some are BS but there are several really respected and highly regarded journals that confirm this. Any potential “benefit” is not worth the risk. Informed people will steer clear. and Jack sun worship is based on the sun. Does that make it a good idea? The sun is real! right?

Anonymous visitor

It sucks that you had to go through such an ordeal.

It sounds like all the chiropractor did was refer you to real doctors and that modern medical treatments saved you.

A referral doesn’t excuse him from peddling quackery…


I would just like you all to know who call this kind doctor a quack This gentlemen saved my life and my children’s future,. After a few visits in 2011
and I wasn’t getting better the doctor send me for an MRI. The MRI showed
a tumor in another area of my body that turned out to be cancer. after sucessful surgery and treatment. I think about him and his family daily.

Aren't you glad

Why didn’t you go and get adjusted a few more times? The chiropractor could have fixed you in 3 minutes. Ask him I’m sure your cancer was caused by your back going out of alignment. Quack Quack. Glad you got real care. Stay away from those pseudo dr’s and stick with the real thing. Not a fake that can’t even tell you to take OTC meds.


Yeah, well, this is why LIC will never be a true neighborhood. Greed trumps community.

The rents will dictate what will open (yogurt shop, bank, artisan bathsalts), while practical community staples that do not own their real estate will be forced to leave (in favor of yogurt shops, banks and astisan bathsalt providers).

Whatever. The majority of the real community abandoned and cashed in long ago, those that remain are new to the area, or holding out for their big pay day. This is not a ‘community’ it’s a neighborhood for rent.


We’re losing New City Kitchen Express too?!?!

Gawd @&*^%&*^@$ it so much. That was the very last place on Vernon a working man could get lunch in this neighborhood at a reasonable price.

It is such a nightmare to watch this neighborhood turn into nothing but an elite bedroom community.


Juice Press, Meatball Shop, Candy Bar, Sporting Goods Store, Glasses Store, Made to Measure Mens Haberdasher, Womens Lingerie Shop, Bathing Suit Store…or extend Body Solutions at half price of market rate because they were there first

Not so great, is it?

Body solutions was not there first, LIC Chiropractic was. Just FYI.

Anonymous visitor

I’m glad to see that people in this area are intelligent enough to avoid the quackery that is chiropractic. Stealing peoples’ money by giving out dangerous pre-scientific advice will get him no sympathy.

Hopefully he will be unable to keep his new location open either.


I think your neighborhood has officially made it when the comments section of your local blog can be sustained indefinitely on vitriol. Booyah!

Also Anonymous

‘Very Happy’ – Strange handle to choose when you seem to be a miserable person with a need to spout uninformed vitriol. Fortunately the vast majority ignore or reject your stupid brain poo.


all the useful stores are on all the main avenues of Astoria. Will be a long time before residents can solely rely on local businesses.

Sophia. Goodwind

Everyone in L.I.C. Plus the Pope in Rome ,is speculating, assuming, many
Things. You are quite correct,in saying that the rents are very high,extremely,
High. Got out of control, and tenants are to blame… Also everyone assuming
On sales that are happening,,on Vernon Blvd … Rental on 47-12 was. Is the
Lowest , and not been met. Can you imagine if it was more than $2,800.00
Final The restaurants in L.I.C.prices are very high, portions very little the so call gourmey places. The only place that you get a deal is the Chinese take out, you can count to be consistent. The so call new Pizza wave,is a piece of cardbourd no taste or substance ,give me Sanremo. @ Junior they are still. Pizza slices.


Looking forward to a useful business at that location. Someplace I would actually go to. like a decent restaurant. Meat market or fish store. Let’s hope for something great here!!

Not so great, is it?

Are you happy with the business that went in there? Yay, just what we needed, another real estate office.


keep hoping! lol
never happened, never will. after a bubble there is a recovery period (brief). then there is the next bubble, and the next and so on. none of these high-rises will ever become vacant, that’s an improbability. do you know what the current vacancy rental rate in nyc is? look it up.

Very happy

Very Happy. Maybe now we might actually get a useful store. Angelo was part of the BID supporters and was trying to raise property taxes, which would make rents go even higher. He should split a space with a tarot car reader or psychic. Chiroquactic would be a perfect match. Elated to see Karma at work,


Are you kidding me?? Whoever you are…Just saying you are happy for someone’s troubles is a SURE way to bring out BAD karma on yourself…You have no idea how many people Angelo helps …you should know your facts before you open your mouth…but I wish you well anyway ..cause you are gonna need it!!!

Helps doing what?

Very happy may have been rude. But most educated people know that chiropractors are glorified massage therapists that can perform x-rays. Yes I am sure some people feel better after seeing one but, nearly half of all people feel better after being given a placebo sugar pill. That’s a fact. Nothing wrong with going as long as you see it for what it really is. Just don’t substitute it for real care.

Long Island City Vinyls

It’s a shame to see all these local businesses go… especially in Queens. But a lot of the businesses that have been on Vernon really did need to step their game up.

I wish we had decent pizza that wasn’t overpriced like the one that just opened.

Very happy

Everyone needs to step up their game. There are so few retail options and I really don’t like much of whats offered. I do like the new pizza place though.


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