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Times Square to Queensboro Plaza train service to be cut for 5 weekends this fall


Sept. 17, 2013 By Christian Murray

The MTA announced today that the No. 7 train will be shut down between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza for 5 weekends this fall.

The MTA said the shut downs are scheduled to take place on the following weekends: October 12-13, October 19-20, October 26-27, November 9-10 and November 23-24.

For each of these weekends, the No. 7 train will be down from 12:01 am on Saturday through 5 am Monday.

The MTA said it will provide a free shuttle bus service that will operate between the Vernon-Jackson and Queensboro Plaza Stations while the service is disrupted.

The MTA said that it has to close the No. 7 line down between these stations– so it can work in the Steinway Tunnel, which runs between Queens and Manhattan. The MTA is carrying out a long-term project to upgrade the signal system on the 7 line. It is expected to be completed by 2016.

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Taking the ferry in January and February does not sound enjoyable, especially with the wind that comes off the water, walking there will be miserable.


While the 7 Train shut down sucks, it is definitely not the end of the world. We still have the ferry, which is a lot easier to get to with the opening of the new park and we can always walk 10 min to the E Train.

With that said, I am not sure why the local business and property owners sponsor a shuttle to Grand Central. It was done before by The Solarium Condos when they were marketing their units and it worked great. I would think that with all the rental units coming to market that would be a no-brainer.


That is why we bought in Court Square area. Have 7 different subway lines and 3 buses to chose from. Vernon waterfront population as well as 7 train issues make it a nightmare to tollerate. Especially now with the new High school and additional housing development traffic. Its only going to get worse as development continues and nothing can be done about the overflow.

Julie F

This isn’t related, but since we’re complaining about the MTA, does anyone else feel nauseous at the site of the pink T-Mobile 7 train? Just imagine if all those iconic photos of the silver train curving around the bend were bright pink moving billboards. I’m so disgusted by it. The look of NYC sold to T-Mobile.


Whenever I see “work” going on on the subway system, it’s usually 5 or 6 guys standing around watching 1 who is doing anything that remotely resembles work.


Naturally!! The 7 line is for the gravy train only.
The MTA needs to keep their workers busy somewhere. The “Big Dig” in Boston didn’t take this long. FFS.
SO glad I didn’t buy an apt in LIC.

LIC Dude

Ugh, right as the weather gets cold, as usual.

And yeah, I know they can’t do it during the Mets season or during the US Open. Doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it though.


Unbelievable! Of course they will also be announcing the near continuous shutdowns on the weekends following Thanksgiving until next year’s baseball season, as if it’s easier for us to stomach the drip-drip-drip of their announcements.

MTA, why don’t you man up and just tell us you have no fcuking clue what you are doing and when the fcuk this project is going to be completed.

Sonny L

how are they getting away with charging $1 for a new card on top of EVERYTHING ELSE?? that is gauging!!


Richard Mazda

I’ve been hit by the MTA every year since I started a business in LIC. Always the same bland reasons – signal work, Steinway tunnel – will it ever be done?

Zero real information and zero sense of urgency from the MTA – Can I get a FASTRACK from somebody?

The last time LIC complained loudly I stood behind Jimmy Van Bramer who gave a press conference. The MTA called Jimmy’s action political grandstanding. No MTA LIC residents and businesses are sick to death of your inefficient practices which leads to multiple MTA ‘workers’ sitting around eating breakfast in the Court Sq Diner and Tost Cafe while I struggle to get my customers and actors to where they need to be.

The shuttle is a joke. Apparently just driving from Queens Plaza to Vernon and back is so tiring every trip requires a 15 minute rest stop. Get a Jitney keep it moving. Use some common sense?

Why can’t we have FASTRACK MTA? Is it only suitable for Manhattan? The bulk of your ridership live in the boroughs and contribute the most money and put up with the bulk of the stoppages. Crazy.


They suck. And they will probably shut it down again in the winter, at a time when you need the subway the most.


And right after the holiday’s they will take it down for construction from Jan to the beginning April; like they always do.


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