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Three bars/restaurants broken into on Vernon Blvd, police release suspect’s image



July 10, 2014 By Christian Murray

A burglar has broken into a number of bars and restaurant along Vernon Boulevard in the past month taking off with cash and electronics.

Captain Brian Hennessy, the commanding officer at the 108 Police Precinct, said that three establishments had been broken into overnight in the past month—namely Manducatis Rustica, Woodbines and LIC Bar.

He said that the thief had broken into Manducatis Rustica and Woodbines by smashing in the glass front door. The suspect then fled with cash and electronics. However, at LIC Bar, the suspect climbed through a window but got nothing.

The NYPD released a photograph of the suspect today—and provided further details about these burglaries and others they believe he is linked to.

The first incident occurred on June 11 when the suspect broke in through the glass front door at Andre’s Pizza at 25-19 40 Ave. around 4 a.m. and removed a cash register containing $20.

The police said that the suspect then broke into Manducatis Rustica at 46-33 Vernon Blvd. on June 22 between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. The suspect took $700, two iPads and two iPad minis, police said.

On June 25, between 2 and 7:30 a.m., the suspect broke the front door window at Woodbines, at 47-10 Vernon Blvd., where he stole a Galaxy 10 tablet and $100 in cash, according to police.

The suspect then struck Seattle Café at 32-02 Queens Blvd. sometime during the weekend of June 27, again breaking the front door glass before stealing $850.

The last incident took place at LIC Bar at 45-58 Vernon Blvd on the Fourth of July just after 4 a.m. The suspect entered through a window but fled without taking anything, police said.

Just prior to gaining access to LIC Bar, the suspect tried to break into Alobar, according to owner Jeff Blath.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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benefit of the doubt

I posted it in the other article and I’ll post it here too. (ps – to add, I have lived here since 2008, and recently purchased)

Perhaps the onus here should be on the cops in the neighborhood and not the residents. If I walked by an establishment that appeared to have been robbed, I too would not call anyone as I do not know the owner, nor do I know what is already in the works (why dial 911 and tie up a line if they are already on the case?).

Were I to happen upon a robbery in progress I would certainly make the call, however that doesn’t appear to be the gripe here.

Seems like this is taking another opportunity to make overarching general statements to critisize a group that is doing wonders to popularize, invigorate and raise property values on our neighborhood. (to those people, thank you, thank you, thank you – to see our neighborhood restaurants in the press and social media with such high regard, and our neighborhood’s average price per sq ft only rising)

To the overarching generalizations – while some renters are transiant and inconsiderate – others are strong members of the community who are going on 5 and 10 years renting or beginning to place down roots in LIC.

You could easliy point the Inconsiderate finger at long time residents of our neighborhood as well.

Lic fan

Is this how a “community” is built, by making disparaging comments about our neighbors? I too chase dog owners down the street when they don’t clean after their dog, I get excited when new businesses open and I make it a point to spend my evenings and weekends in the neighborhood spending my money here. I’ve approached J. Van Bremmer about improvements in the area , i.e. trash cans in the area, trees in the empty planters in front of the LIRR (no more!)- I’ve lived here since 2012.
I don’t see how these comments enhance our community, I hope those making them will reconsider this stance and accept the fact that the neighborhood has changed and the recent arrivals only want the best – at least most of them do.


To Also Anonymous, exactly. You put your finger on the issue here. There is a large contingent of people in this neighborhood who want to create a narcissistic pleasure palace in LIC, not a real neighborhood like we used to have. Trust me, that burglar wouldn’t have any fingers to use those iPads back in old’ LIC. He’d be back the next morning sweeping that glass and paying off every dollar in damage.

Instead, in this neighborhood we stuck with a bunch of whiny, rich automatons with their shitting, peeing pets and their goddamn noses in the air. As long as their car, home or business wasn’t broken into, they could give a rat’s ass. Hate them.


Yea, glad i’m out of there. The yuppie scum in that neighborhood are more concerned about one way streets, free parking and stop signs on center. Thanks TFC!

Also Anonymous

You really have it in big for him don’t you? How about some sympathy for the establishments that were hurt instead of latching on to this as yet a chance to snipe? To me what is the most shameful are all the people who walked or jogged past smashed glass on the street and did not lift a finger to report it.


How does Mr.Lic not hear a peep when it’s woodbines, he can hear a cigarette butt hit the sidewalk at 500 yards.


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