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Shots Fired From Car on 21st Street, Injuring Teen Pedestrian

Location of shooting (Google Maps)

July 18, Staff Report

An 18-year-old was hit in the buttocks and wrist yesterday when shots were fired from a car on 21st Street, according to police.

The male victim was walking on 21st street outside of Queensbridge Houses just before 5 p.m., when an unknown individual fired shots from a black, four-door sedan. The car then fled south on 21st Street, police said.

The victim took a cab to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.

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Pat Macnamaracist is ranting again

Surprised you didn’t try to blame this on immigrants as usual


The article does not say the victim (or the unknown assailant(s), for that matter) live in Queensbridge.

these kids dont care, destined to be losers

been to the Queensbridge tech lab several times over the past few months, this is a great gift to have in their neighborhood, These kids can learn robotics, 3D priting etc for FREE!! Problem is its virtually empty and not being used. Its the parents fault, what a waste of a good effort by leaders of the area to fund a program like this. Guns, violence, thug music, thats all they care about. Destined to for a crappy life if you don’t make an effort to change.


Yeah, that’s probably why the library just expanded hours… because it’s empty and no one is there.

We must pay for the damage we have done

Give these men basic monthly income, free health insurance, free college, reparations and why not, throw in free tube socks for 1 year. They are just victims of years of white men oppression. I am a white man and I am ready to empty my pockets to help these children gone astray. Forgive me Queensbridge thugs!!


Our good Mayor is already releasing inmates from Rikers Prison.
He plans to release thousands.
Hence the present spike in crime.
In addition, he lied to us that his homeless shelters would house
families. In our area, there’s little but mentally ill adult males.
Our area is swarming with panhandlers.
This city is going to hell.

39th ave

It’s 100% true. I am a life long democrat and I believe this mayor is the absolute worst ever.

Interesting opinion but everything you said is completely wrong

did you blame de blasio for spilling your coffee?

Lets be civil

The only way this madness is going to stop is to bring back stop and frisk. its a deterrent to stop the hooligans from carrying weapons & who have no regard for themselves, let alone the safety of their neighbors and family. and viewers if your agree or disagree with my comment, respectfully do so without including some form of politics/race/or assumption of my media information. Just make an objective comment. Thank you.


Yeah, what guarantees the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures?!

Civil servant

How are people supposed to respond to you and not bring up politics and race when your comment is about the intersection of those exact topics? Policies such as stop and frisk are ultimately passed or overturned by politicians and those policies impact certain communities along very clear racial lines. You have to talk about those things, whatever your opinion is, when you’re talking about policies like stop and frisk.


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