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Seven Citi Bike stations have been installed in LIC, six in past two days

9th Street 44th Avenue

9th Street 44th Road

Aug. 13, 2015 By Christian Murray

Six Citi Bike stations have been installed in Long Island City in the past two days.

Seven of the 12 stations are now ready for use, according to spokeswoman for Citi Bike, with the remaining five expected to be installed by the end of the month.

Yesterday, Citi Bike installed stations at the following locations.

–Queens Plaza North (btwn Crescent Street & 24th Street)
–46th Ave & 5th Street (btwn 5th Street & Vernon Boulevard)
–44 Dr & Jackson Ave (btwn Jackson Avenue & Hunter Street)
–Jackson Ave & 46 Rd (btwn 46th Road & 46th Avenue)

The following stations were installed today:

–9th Street and 44th Road
–Vernon Boulevard and 50th Avenue

The first station was installed on August 5th on Center Boulevard (betwn, Borden Avenue and 54th Avenue) when there was a ribbon cutting.

Stations have yet to be installed at the following locations.

–48th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard
–45th Road and 11th Street
–21st Street and 43rd Avenue
–21st Street and Queens Plaza North
–31st Street and Thomson Avenue

Vernon Blvd, 50th Ave

Vernon Blvd, 50th Ave


Jackson Avenue, 46th Road

Jackson Avenue, 46th Road


Queens Plaza North

Queens Plaza North

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35 years in the hood

I don’t understand all this hating on bikers. Okay, yes, some of them need to learn to follow the rules of the road. Personally, i think the new, better constructed and marked paths will help a great deal. But does anyone seriously believe bikers are more of a detriment to LIC quality of life than reckless car drivers and pollution spewing, ear splitting trucks? Simple question: which of these three vehicles would you rather be harrassed by? And by the way, the yearly fees they pay for Citibikes way more than covers any remotely possible negative effect they might have on the condition of the roads. Bikes causing potholes? Get real.

Not a fan of DB

I’m hoping that Daniel Bryant forgets to wear his helmet and rides a Citi Bike into a brick wall.

Silent majority

I think I saw Daniel pedaling down Queens blvd the other day. He had on skinny jeans a beard some silly hat black converse high tops and looked like he needed a bath!


now let all the bike riders who do NOT follow the laws of the road get licensed, registered and insured – if these bikers are going to take over the roadways let them pay for it all and you can all let them pay for potholes also – you want to share the roads – share ALL of the costs…and when they get to Sunnyside park them n fron of Van Bramers house!


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