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Sculpture to go up in Court Square Park, with selected art piece based on competition

court square park

Feb. 3, 2015 By Michael Florio

A sculpture is going to be placed in Court Square Park this fall, as the site was chosen by the Parks Department as part of the Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award.

The sculpture selected is based on a competition where the best art piece from an up-and-coming artist will go up in the park for a year. The winner will receive a grant of $10,000 to erect the sculpture.

Contestants have until March 22nd to enter their ideas, with the winner being announced on April 22nd.

The winning sculpture will go up on the lawn or the pathway in front of the Court House.

The award is named after Clare Weiss, who was the Public Art Curator for New York City’s Department of Parks & Recreation. She curated more than 100 public art installations throughout city parks.

Weiss passed away in 2010 and the award was created in her memory the following year.

To be eligible an artist must be based in New York City and be in the early stages of his or her career. Artists currently in art school or college are not eligible for the award.

This is the first year that the winning sculpture will be placed in a Queens park.

For more information on applying for the Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award visit the Parks Department website:


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I’m sorry. This is not transparent? When people to move to the margins of Hunters Point, the developers profits are significantly greater. $10K is practically nothing. Nothing.

Anonymous visitor

What infrastructure that is actually useful would cost only $10,000? I agree that there are more useful things to put money towards, but there are also much worse things it could go towards. $10k for public art helps an emerging artist survive in NYC, is a nice value-added to a public park, and is one of the smallest investments you’ll ever see a City department make. There’s not a lot of lost opportunity cost here.


$10,000 doesn’t do much, acknowledged. It might cover, say, 5 hours of MTA employee “work”. But the issue is the multiple “It’s just $10,000” items in the City budget, and that will add up quickly. We need to trim all the fat out of the budgets, get back to basics, and then see what quality of life things we want to/can afford to add back in.


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