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Scandals, the Queens Plaza strip joint that closed last year, to reopen at same location


Jan. 14, 2016 By Michael Florio

Scandals, the gritty strip club located in the heart of Long Island City, is about to reopen at its former site by the Queensboro Bridge.

The club shut its doors at 24-03 Queen Plaza North about a year ago but plans are in the works for it to reopen soon at the same highly visible location.

The club recently filed an application with Community Board 1 to renew its liquor license, which was approved without any issue on Tuesday.

“There were no residential complaints against this establishment,” a CB 1 consumer affairs spokesman said. “We reached out to the 114 Precinct who said the establishment were ‘good neighbors.’”

The committee spokesman also told the LIC Post that club may have to relocate in three years since its lease will come to an end.

The architect working on Scandals, Michael Just of Just Architecture, said that the well-known jiggle-joint will be opening “soon.” He said that he has been helping the owner file the necessary building permits to get the establishment open.

The strip club is located across the street from the QLIC development, a 21-story, 421-unit rental tower.  The area is mushrooming with new developments and is no longer the beaten-up wasteland of yesteryear.

Scandals has been at that location since 2002, although it closed last January. However, the awning was never taken down.

When it closed, one nearby resident said she saw Scandals workers moving out some of its furniture.

“I saw their purple seats—which were really gross,” the woman said. However she liked having the club nearby since she felt reassured walking in the area because of all the security guards.

Nevertheless, many residents held the view that the club no longer belongs in what is now a residential area.

Joseph Ciampa, the owner listed on the building permit, could not be reached for comment.

Club adjacent to QLIC

Club adjacent to QLIC

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Strip Clubs are for your father’s generation. The only advantage of a strip club is that you have an opportunity to chat, watch and meet in person. Nowadays people have free internet porn and cam model sites. If you pay a fee, you can take one private and they do a hell of a lot more for a couple of bucks. You can choose models from all over the world of different ages, shapes and sizes. I prefer the anonymity.


If you don’t like women strip clubs, find another ‘adventurous’ club. Personally, i like strip clubs and looking forward for this place to reopen but I’d much rather go to one of those happy ending massage joints.


I’ve been married for 7 years, so clubs like this one is my way of satisfying my male biological imperative to be with as many women as possible without actually doing just that.


Very true. By visiting such places you satisfy your innate male need for polygamy without just engaging therein. Therefore, I was surprised when I found that it has closed again and that too seemingly for good. Not too good for some! Do you know anything about it.


Hopefully the watered down drinks will be improved. Other than that, it is a convenient location for drinks after a long day and if women what to get naked for money, and guys want to pay to watch them, all the power to them.


I can not wait for this place to reopen, I live a couple of blocks away. I’ve been married for 7 years and strip clubs are my way of somehow satisfying my male biological imperative to be with as many women as possible without actually doing just that.


I can’t wait for this to reopen i live a couple of blocks away. I have been married for 7 years and strip clubs are my way of satisfying my male biological imperative to be with as many women as possible without actually doing just that! 🙂


With so many woman and gay men in the area they should really have male dancers on certain nights or just open up a place that is dedicated to those that want to have some drinks and enjoy male eye candy.


I agree! Most of the hot guys in the area are usually either taken or gay. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing sexier than a hot guy with a stroller but it would be nice for us gals to have a place where we can hang out, have some drinks and enjoy some male dancers.


Not taken, handsome, and can dance.

Guess I need to borrow a baby to get some attention in LIC.


To each his own but it would be a waste of your money. Most men would be willing to strip for a woman or group of woman anyplace, anywhere, and anytime for free! Step outside your door, ask around and you’ll have men throwing themselves at you and lining up lol


Yes that is a great ideal… They should do that.. That would be fun… I’ll be there everyday…. Lol…


This is a great place to hang out with friends. The dances I’ve gotten have always been very good and there always seems to be plenty of dancers to choose from. i hope it opens by spring.


What about the Chinese place next door? That was my favorite local delivery Chinese spot, I thought they left because of the building shutting down. . .


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