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Residents organize Easter egg hunt in Murray Playground

March 30, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A group of local real estate agents are planning an Easter egg hunt in Murray Playground next month to bring families in the Court Square/Hunters Point area together.

The event is the brainchild of resident and real estate agent Jeremy Swillinger along with several of his colleagues at Level Group Real Estate. They will host the free event for kids aged 2 to 10 years old on April 15 at Murray Playground from 10 a.m. to noon.

“There aren’t many community events for this part of Long Island City, and I wanted a chance to bring the community together,” Swillinger said. “The park went through a full renovation about five years ago, but hasn’t really been taken advantage of since, so we decided to do something with it.”

In addition to providing five to six eggs with safe prizes for each kid that signs up, the event will offer face painting, a live performance by the LIC Children’s Choir, and snacks and drinks donated by local businesses. There will also be an “Easter Bunny” from a local dentist office handing out free toothbrushes.

This is the first year that Level Group has thrown the free event, but Swillinger said he is hoping to make it a regular thing. He is already working to plan several more events throughout the summer months, and said he hopes to make the Easter egg hunt an annual tradition.

Swillinger said that he has already had about 120 kids sign up to participate, and that the spots are filling up fast, especially for the youngest age bracket of 2 to 4 years old.

To register for the event, email [email protected]

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It is an EASTER EGG HUNT!!!!!! No offence taken. Let others and their children of the many faiths and cultures in Queens promote their faiths and cultures through events such as this. I will participate and will not feel confused or not welcome. People are becoming TOO politically correct!!

Safety Mom

In the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness that our neighborhood is known for, shouldn’t this event be called a Spring Egg Hunt or some other less overtly religious name? No offense to my fellow Christian friends, but there are children of many faiths and cultures in Long Island City and I don’t think they should feel confused or not welcomed by the event. Have a a safe, fun holiday everyone!

Bunnies are cool

It’s Easter Eggs! for the kids. I am not Christian but it IS an Easter Egg Hunt. Just like how people of all faiths can celebrate time off during Christmas instead of calling it Winter Gift Giving celebration. People know it’s Christmas or Easter or Hannukah or Lunar New Year and so on, it’s called you celebrate with them in their traditions. We happily have people celebrate our traditions so we will help celebrate theirs.

bunnies are cool not amused by this reponse

your response is the reason why there are people who push for changes so there are inclusive events/programs. Just saying if you don’t like it don’t go is not including people. If this was the case, then nobody would ever mix and show up to different events besides the people who already are a part of it because of people and your attitude.


What are you talking about? Safety Mom is saying she thinks Easter is somehow an unwelcoming event. I’m just telling her that if the idea of kids having fun collecting Easter eggs is so objectionable, then she has free will and doesn’t have to go. I don’t want people like her trying to stir up some controversy to score points with the holier than thou PC crowd and impose her warped ideas on everyone else.


I do think this “safety mom” is being sarcastic and really a troll just trying to generate responses anyways so there’s that… but…

no one said objectionable. what you replied again is the actual problem. You are the one inferring and assuming. To be inclusive you don’t tell people if you don’t like it go away. It’s similar to me saying, if you don’t like my comment don’t read it and don’t reply. Read your own words … ” I don’t want people like her…” Then read what was written…

I’m all for keeping it Easter Egg Hunt and names of things as they are but also including everyone… but saying if you don’t like it don’t go is not the way to go. Stop with the hate and fear of any suggested change. Think, rationalize, and state why clearly and not some troll garbage that adds nothing to the conversation.

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