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Residents launch petition calling on DOT to install stop sign at 51st Ave and 5th Street

March 31, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A group of local parents have launched a petition for a new stop sign and crosswalk near a school in Hunters Point to increase child safety, garnering nearly 100 signatures.

The petition launched Monday by concerned parents has generated 94 signatures that call on the Department of Transportation to install a stop sign and crosswalk at the intersection of 51st Avenue and 5th Street, about a block from Hunters Point Community Middle School.

The petition sites safety concerns for children who attend the nearby school, and states, “NYC Vision Zero promises to protect our children with every tool possible, and this change will help protect our children from traffic as they walk from the subway to school.”

This particular spot has been a point of contention between the community and DOT for several years. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has called on DOT to add a stop sign at the intersection in the past, and installed a “people’s stop sign” made of cardboard in January.

“For years, we have called for a stop sign at this dangerous intersection to stop preventable and potentially deadly accidents,” Van Bramer said. “I continue to stand with concerned parents and community members who are calling on DOT to do their job and protect the safety of our children and families from speeding cars and reckless drivers.”

The DOT has responded to these requests by stating that it has studied the intersection but its data indicated that a stop sign wasn’t needed based on nationally recognized standards.

“DOT is, however, in the process of looking into other enhancements in this area and will be in touch with stakeholders,” said a DOT spokesperson in response to questions about the petition request.

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Re: stop sign – Nothing is going to happen until a kid or two is killed. Petition is a waste of time.


Unfortunately yes. Takes a tradgedy before something is done. Walking through the parks here in LIC quite a few dog owners let there dogs run off the leash in violation of various rules. The day some kid is mauled badly will be the day enforcement is inacted. Always the case.

Safety Mom

Yay! My kids and I are doing the happy dance right now because we are so happy, happy to learn something will be done to make that extremely dangerous intersection safe. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make living in our wonderful neighborhood even better!


I’m not sure if you read that article correctly. It sounded a lot to me like despite there being a petition, DOT sees no need for a stop sign. Not sure what you are celebrating. That someone started a petition? Because nothing in this article suggests any decision has been made about something being done at that intersection. That being said, that intersection sucks when trying to drive down 51st and cross 5th Street. Can’t see traffic on 5th until you are halfway out into the intersection anyway because of the parked cars. I’ve never really driven there during school hours but I’ve never seen it so busy that someone would not be able to cross with a minor wait.


Has anyone ever seen a DOT study in action? An employee wearing a bright orange vest marked “Traffic” or something like that stands at the corner with a clipboard. Since s/he is visible about three blocks away, everyone miraculously slows down, thinking they’re about to get a ticket. It would be hilarious if it weren’t such a complete waste of time and frustrating.

Old picture

How old is that picture? The generators are still up in front of that building from hurricane sandy and the school is still under construction in the background.


My car was struck while parked at that corner. Shame on me for parking at any city corner. Lady who caused the accident was driving her sons car. She T-boned another car with 3 passengers. That driver was driving his brothers car. The lady was uninsured. The car was registered in Florida. I moved back to Long Island.

This intersection is havoc. With a 4 way stop sign at the intersection a study should be performed to see how many drivers petition to remove them.

It takes 3 minutes to bore a hole in concrete. 1 minute to dump a sign and pour quickcrete and water in.


I think a traffic light is necessary, a stop sign is not enough! Borden has become a very busy road and cars zoom around that corner not realizing that they are turning into a 2 way single lane street. Often, cars are parked in the corner and get hit by cars turning right from Borden onto 5th (I’ve seen a few hits) and before before they realize it they’re facing an oncoming car on 5th.

all for it

Congested intersection. Good idea to avert a dangerouse situation and push local influence.


I don’t think the DOT needed to waste time and money on a study. The study probably cost as much as just installing the sign. Just walk down when school lets out and try walking across the street with the kids. In fact, just come and try to walk across it at any time of day. Not rocket science.

Also, try grabbing a photo of that intersection at 8:00am or 2:45 pm … no crossing guard or anything…


It you live at that corner, you would know that a car accident occurs like clockwork, about once a month. Sometimes in the afternoon, but usually early in the am. I’m sure that is not a factor in the DOT’s study, as it would be too obvious a factor to consider. More likely then are looking at the population of the neighborhood when Citilights was the only large tower, that and the cost of installing a stop sign, and slapping some white paint on the ground.


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