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Ravel Hotel unveils 10-story tower that features rooftop beer garden

July 3, 2017 By Jason Cohen

A Long Island City hotel has opened a new 10-story tower that features an outdoor beer garden.

The Ravel Hotel unveiled ‘The Estate Tower, located next to its current location at 8-08 Queens Plaza South, on June 14. The tower doubles the number of rooms the hotel now offers, while adding a beer garden/restaurant called The Estate Garden Grill adjacent to a new outdoor pool area.

The outdoor beer garden/restaurant, the hotel’s second al fresco restaurant with views of the Queensboro Bridge, is located on the third floor and features tables and chairs set atop an Astroturf patio. The kitchen is being run by Seth Levine, who is also the head chef at Hotel Chantelle on the Lower East Side, with a menu offering grilled meats and seafood, as well as sushi, crudo and oysters. There are 15 types of beer on tap as well as cocktails, wine and rosé.

The hotel’s other restaurant is Penthouse808 on the rooftop of its original building.

The new outdoor pool area is located next to the restaurant. The pools are surrounded by a deck and Bali-inspired daybeds and cabanas. Visitors can gain access to pool by purchasing a day pass starting at $50.

Lastly, the new tower includes a 17,000 sq. foot ballroom on the first floor that can be used for events and weddings.

The space can seat up to 400 people and features an on-site catering kitchen with kosher capabilities, outdoor patio and retractable walls to transform the space for smaller events and conferences.

The ballroom can be combined with additional tower venues to accommodate events of any size, totaling to 52,000 sq. feet.

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$50 is a bit steep for the location, etc. but definitely worth it to pay something to have a nicer, smaller pool than to wait an hour on line for the dirty, overcrowded festering mess of Astoria Pool.

Wall Street Guy

By Pricing it high you keep a lot of people out. I would pay it. It is convenience you are paying for.


brooklynmc you must have $150-200 lying around doing nothing. I guess the site of QB projects is worth the $50 alone. I would rather take the LIRR to Long Beach LI and get a beach pass included for much less than $50

It's not Vegas...

$50 to go to a public pool?! Definitely dont want to swim with anyone douchey enough to pay that.


Yes but for $50 you can lounge by a pool and look out onto Queensbridge, the largest public subsidized housing complex in the US, where for $50 their residents can enjoy an annual parking spot or unlimited electricity for air conditioning ($100 a year if you want both). With all the money one could save living there a $50 day pass is quite doable.

The Instigator

unfortunately that money was already blown souping up their 1999 Honda Civic


A hotel pool that charges $50 is not a public pool. Public pools are where the ghetto goes on a hot day. The ghetto does not pay $50. I actually think this is nice. Nobody is forcing you to go, it is an option. I could bring my family to the pool, with a view, and have lunch and drinks. Expensive? Yes, but easier and cheaper than going to the beach for the day with kids and no car.

It's not Vegas...

Thank you for validating everything. Public pools by definition are pools which anyone can visit without the need for membership. By categorizing all public pools as ghetto, AND considering attending this pool (which, for a family of 4 before eating or drinking anything will run you $200) you have confirmed that only those of ultimate douchtasticness will be attending this spot. You know, for $200 you could rent a car, go to a lovely, affordable, public pool, AND have money left over for food, drinks, etc. Bear Mountain’s public pool costs $2 per person, is clean and nice, and is only a 45 min drive. (for the record, I am not ghetto and visited this pool earlier this week!)

It’s your money, and your disgustingly rude, biased, generalist, classist bias, so of course you are free to do what you want, but I really do appreciate the validation on the type of clientele who will be visiting this overpriced public pool.

It's not vegas

Have a great time going broke while continuing to validate my point!

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