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Queens Drivers Have an Easier Time Finding Parking than Most NYC Drivers: Study

Skillman Avenue in Sunnyside

Feb. 27, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Queens drivers have an easier time finding parking than most drivers in the city, according to a new study.

While looking for a legal place to park on Queens streets can be a headache-inducing activity, drivers in the World’s Borough spend less time searching for parking than drivers in three of the four other boroughs, according to a recent study by Zipcar.

Drivers in Queens spend 17 minutes on average looking for a public parking spot, according to the study — only Staten Islanders have it easier; it takes them about 16 minutes.

New York City drivers as a whole spend an average of 19 minutes looking for street parking with Manhattan and Brooklyn drivers spending 21 minutes and Bronx drivers spending the citywide average, according to the study.

However, some of the 796 New Yorkers surveyed said it takes them up to two hours to find a place to park their car.

Nearly every New Yorker interviewed — 92 percent — said finding public parking is stressful and 62 percent said it was “very” or “extremely stressful,” the study states.

In fact, finding parking in the City is so harrowing, some of the respondents said they were willing to give up social media, coffee, chocolate and even sex.

And like true New Yorkers, nearly 30 percent of those interviewed said they use profanity everyday while on the prowl for parking.

Manhattanites have the biggest potty mouths of the bunch, with 37 percent saying they curse while circling the block for parking and 24 percent of Queens drivers say the mutter a profanity or two in their everyday search as well.

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Wrong. It’s impossible to find a free parking spot, the city has screwed the citizen with alternate side parking, fire plugs- which are non functional, bike lanes for hippies and tourists.

wendy werner

now that for every old house torn down in astoria, realtors are putting up a minimum of 6 story high buildings!!!! these buildings do not have parking garages. so now it is nearly impossible to find any parking in astoria.. and there is maybe 1 parking garage.

Sara Ross

Not in Forest Hills!!! I drive around anywhere from 10-45 minutes (not exaggerating) to find parking! I see plenty of permits from NYPD, FDNY, Courts and even saw a Federal permit the other day when there was alternate side parking and it was on the wrong side. Queens Blvd. is beyond impossible to find parking because the don’t pay a dime to the city or state bicyclists need their own lane so that those who do pay the city and state have to manuever in 1 lane, including buses, ambulances, fire engines, trucks and regular cars who pay to paint and repave the bike lanes with taxes, insurance, inspections, drivers licenses, muni meters, parking violations (bikers go through red lights and stop signs and the traffic cameras see this but the violators don’t get tickets). The roads are in horrible condition (jewel avenue and main street are like driving around obstacle courses, but yet on jewel avenue, the bike lane was repaved). Parking is a nightmare.


“Nearly every New Yorker interviewed — 92 percent — said finding public parking is stressful and 62 percent said it was “very” or “extremely stressful,” the study states.”

This is why I got rid of my car. Now I live significantly more stress free than before. Not everyone has this ability because the city has been built to force people to by a car but hopefully that will change for people further out in Queens.


Riiight. Particularly across Flushing, Jackson Hights, Elmhurst, Astoria, Sunnyside, LIC. Street parking is nearly impossible.

And if you find a spot then either a. alt side parking b. street racing crashes c. delivery/sanitation sideswipes or d. others inability to parallel park behind or in front – quickly quenches the enthusiasm.


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