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Police looking for man who allegedly sucker punched subway rider at Queens Plaza station

Suspect (NYPD)

May 23, 2017 Staff Report

The police are looking for a man who allegedly slugged a subway passenger in the face at the Queens Plaza station last week shortly after getting into a dispute on a Manhattan-bound M train.

Police said that the 25-year-old victim was traveling on the train at around 8:00 am on Thursday, May 18, when the suspect bumped into. The two men, according to police, got into a verbal dispute that ended once the victim exited the train and walked in the director of the station mezzanine area.

Soon after entering the mezzanine area, the suspect allegedly approached the victim from behind and punched him in the face causing jaw pain and a laceration to his noise.

The suspect fled the location in an unknown direction.

The suspect is described as a male with light complexion in twenties with a bald head, heavy set, last seen wearing a ripped black T-shirt, dark jeans and black sneakers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

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Larry Willoughby Jr.

That man is an enemy evil who punched anyone on either M or R train from Queens Plaza headed to Manhattan and be aware heading back to 36th Street like murdered. Please contact 911 the local NYPD to stop him. He is mentally killer before by using a gun and shooting innocent people riding terror threats on the M and R train Queens Blvd. line.


Step away from the keyboard, take your meds, sit quietly until meds kick in, then repeat.


Doesn’t do any good contacting. I was attacked in same area and nypd never even followed up with me when I reported it. They don’t care.


They’re only going to follow up if there is reason to such as viewing photos or if an arrest is made. At the very least reporting incidents gives them an idea of where the problems are. Many assaults go unreported because the victim is embarrassed or feels what’s the point, that’s why the stats on simple assasults, especially stranger on stranger (i.e.subway), is far from accurate. So report for if no other reason the police have a better picture of what’s happening and where and can direct personnel as needed. The good news is in the post 911 age camera are everywhere so making arrests is more likely then in the past.


I was hit by a hit and run driver and the police would not even return my calls so I went to the station twice where I was told the officer was there but never came out to see me. I complained to the NYPD. Then, about 3 months later I got a call from the cop himself. I said “wow, did you catch the guy?” He said “no, but I heard you complained about me.” He basically called to intimidate me. I agree. They don’t care.


Well it kind of works like this, cops don’t really investigate, they take reports. Sure they’ll do a primary investigation on the scene but once the report is filed that’s basically it. If there is something further to investigate it’s forwarded to a detective who then looks into it further or closes it out. Most are just closed out. They deal with so many complaints that if they actually spent a significant amount of time on each they’d still be on reports from the late 90s. If you do need to follow up with anything related to the city and the police department in particular do so in a way that inquiries cannot be ignored or s$&@canned. Calling to speak to the cop is a 50-50 crapshoot. He may help he may not but either way there is no record. Talk to a supervisor and by pass the cop. They’re usually more, but not always, helpful. Speaking to the lieutenant or capitan would give you the best results. Filing complaints against cops, unless it serious misconduct, is useless as they self investigate. Better to work within the system and it’s a system of nepotism so the trick is to find the ‘right’ guy to help you. IMO/YMMV.


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