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Plaxall to Present its Rezoning Plan at Hearing in LIC Thursday

Proposal Special Anable Basin District

Dec. 12, 2017 By Christian Murray

The company behind the push to rezone a 15-acre section of land surrounding Anable Basin will be presenting its plans to the public Thursday as part of the early stages of the rezoning process.

Plaxall, the plastics manufacturing firm and large Hunters Point landholder, plans to establish a special mixed-use zoning district in Hunters Point.

The zone would be called the Special Anable Basin District that would be bordered by 44th Drive and 45th Avenue to the north, Vernon Boulevard to the east, 46th road to the south, and 5th Street and East River to the west.

The 15-acre area is currently zoned for manufacturing, with some low-density residential. The rezoning would permit manufacturing as well as higher-density residential and commercial.

As part of the rezoning process, a document called the Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared that will evaluate the impact the rezoning would have on the environment and infrastructure—from schools, open space, roads, flooding and more.

That document is what city officials and the community board will rely on as they review the rezoning application as part of the ULURP process.

The meeting Thursday is part of the “scoping process” where the Department of City Planning will solicit feedback from the public as to what should be studied when the city evaluates the impact the rezoning would have on the area. Comments made during the meeting are often incorporated as to what will be studied by city agencies.

Interested parties also have until Dec. 26 to submit comments to the Dept. of City Planning.

The preparation of the document ensures that the potential environment impacts are fully identified and studied.

The rezoning would permit Plaxall to build eight mixed-use buildings—including a 65-story tower—that would consist of nearly 5,000 residential units, light manufacturing and retail space.

The event will involve a presentation from Plaxall, feedback from officials and community board members and then comments from the public.

Attendees have 3 minutes to speak.

The scoping meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 14 at City University of New York School of Law, 2 Court Square West, LIC at 5 pm

Rendering of what’s possible if 15 acres are rezoned

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If you could not attend because your work. You can send your comments to Robert at Until 12/26 at 5:00pm. Day after Christmas, 5:00pm meeting on 3rd night of Hanukah. But no seriously, we want the community’s input.


Plaxall is not a greedy developer. They are a long time resident and employer in the neighborhood. They have been upstanding every step of the way. They are good neighbors and are responsible for LIC FLEA. They give low rent space for charities. They care about the neighborhood. Yes, they probably want to make some money but why shouldn’t they? They deserve it.


Every single one of your posts is about how much you hate luxury condo developers like the one you voted for.


This area is already flooded with people and tall buildings. This plan is the last thing we need!!!!


An important meeting about whats happening in our community is happening at 5:00pm on a thursday.
good thing a lot of people will be able to attend.


Exactly- how many people are able to get there by that time? If they really cared about community input, they’d schedule it for 6:00pm or later.


Waterfront property with Manhattan skyline views and you want affordable parking there?? Cars are not even close to the priority. And, just for the record, my Manhattan friends park there cars in LIC already because it is so cheap compared to Manhattan. Affordable as in $240 a month. Some of you people think we are too populated but lets be real. The population of LIC is under 70,000 people. This city can support at least a couple hundred thousand. Whole Foods won’t even consider yet due to low population density.


Thank you, someone needs to stop greedy real estate developers, like the one you voted into power, from having so much power.


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