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Owners of Shi and Skinny’s Cantina plan to open bakery and Japanese restaurant on Jackson Ave

13-11 Jackson Avenue

13-11 Jackson Avenue

April 9, 2014 By Christian Murray

The owners of Shi, the well-known Japanese/Asian restaurant located on Center Boulevard, have plenty of new business ventures on tap.

Shih and Skinny Lee plan to open a new dessert shop at 13-11 Jackson Avenue next month—and are also likely to open a Japanese restaurant at 27-26 Jackson Avenue.

The dessert shop, which will be called Pink Canary Bakery, will sell items such as specialty cakes and cupcakes. The Lee brothers will be partnering up with Joseph Polito, who has been doing the baking at Shi for some time.

The bakery, which will be in a 730 sqf space, is expected to be very kid friendly.

Meanwhile, the new Japanese restaurant would be located at 27-26 Jackson Avenue if the Lees’ plans pan out. They would aim to open it by the end of the year.

The Lee brothers currently own Shi as well as Skinny’s Cantina, a popular Mexican restaurant and bar, located at 47-05 Center Blvd.

Jackson Avenue

27-26 Jackson Avenue


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i agree with above poster regarding
skinny cantina

worst Mexican restaurant completely tasteless

only the transplants love it

total garbage

real ny’ers know where to get real mexican food locally


By the way, there are lots and lots of pedestrians
On Jackson! Take a walk over sometime!
Folks on Vernon need to get out more!
And 5 bucks a cupcake? God forbid!
Bad enough sage charges 3.50!


Not saying there aren’t good restaurants in LIC.. all of those mentioned are good to very good, but my experiences at Shi and more so Skinny have been mediocre at best. I’m looking forward to seeing Mu Ramen in it’s new location soon.


…M. Wells Steakhouse, Sage General Store, John Brown, Tournesol, Cafe Henri, TukTuk, and I’m sure I’m missing few other strong neighborhood establishments. This is a good start and I’m sure the restaurant scene will only get better.

LIC Resident2

There are lots of great restaurants in LIC. Casa Enrique, Alobar, Hibino, LIC Market…


“The bakery … is expected to be very kid friendly” NO!!!!!!!

Kid friendly. Kid friendly. Kid friendly. Jesus Christ, why are children and their parents always being catered to today everywhere you want to go?

I wish business owners would have the common sense to keep out the children. Yeah, I said it. There are plenty of people who don’t want to be assaulted by loud obnoxious brats and their equally horrible parents whenever we go out to eat or relax at a cafe.



I have been to Shi about five times. I love the atmosphere and the food.
One time I was there for a private party and had a fantastic time…so I am surprised by your review.
As for Skinny’s Cantina. I have not been there so I can’t comment. But I checked out YELP and they look pretty good.
Your a tough critic.


If it’s anything like Skinny Cantina it’ll be disgusting. Sorry but that is one of the worst Mexican restaurants in NYC. Ranks right up there with Chevy’s, and Shi’s not much better for overpriced greasy Chinese food. Too bad we can’t get more authentic restaurants to open in LIC. Seems like they are all still going to Brooklyn.


Here we go – more anti-dog posts. Because surely this neighborhood lacks enough space for children to play in – there are only about 500 playgrounds


Here’s an idea, get rid of that dog park right in the main square of Vernon, and put in some commercial.

Ban the Cupcake

Agree with Time’s Up. Enough with the overrated cupcakes and macarons and all the other overrated food trend crap that supposedly everyone is craving.

Make a decent cake, pie or loaf of bread and people will flock to your place. Figure it out and stop pandering to the a$$hats.


Already a great Japanese place that just opened. If its anything like shi, I dont see why anyone would go.


There are very little commercial real estate options left in the area.
There are almost no options on Center, Vernon has none and
Most building owners want more money than the business can produce. You need to open your business where ever possible.
Jackson Ave is the only area that has vacancies available.

Italian Mama

Some great baked Italian Bread without having to go to Astoria would be great!!!!


Shi is not a cheap place so I don’t expect the prices would like Flushing but the I am worry about the location! Why not open it on the Vernon or closer to waterfront where most pedestrians are?

Time's Up

Bakeries are welcome. But if the owners are listening – please open a real bakery. We don’t need more chi chi $5 cupcake spots. If you need guidance, visit Glendale or Middle Village for German/Italian examples, Forest Hills for Jewish, and Elmhurst/Flushing for Asian. This is Queens – let’s keep it real.


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