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Op-Ed: Why I Oppose Unconstitutional Mandates

Marvin Jeffcoat, Republican candidate for the 26th Council District, which covers Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City and parts of Astoria

Op-Ed By: Marvin Jeffcoat, Candidate for City Council

We all need to understand what’s at stake here. To do that we have to understand our Constitutional rights.

No emergency ever justifies a suspension of the US Constitution and our Rights! If government were allowed to suspend the Constitution based on emergencies the government would continue to manufacture emergencies for more and more control.

The Constitution gives states the authority to regulate based on health, safety, and welfare, but that doesn’t mean that they can force you to take an experimental drug absent probable cause that you’re actually a threat to others.

The fourth amendment guarantees bodily autonomy because we have the right to be secure in our person and free of search and seizure absent probable cause of a crime.

Instead of probable cause and a balancing of efficacy what we have are more questions than answers.

The CDC and manufacturers have said the vaccines do not prevent transmission of the virus. Doctors, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have long acknowledged the virus defeats the porosity of masks. Yet the administration says we must be vaccinated and wear masks to protect others because vaccines work—period end of discussion. Really?

So, based on what we know are our God-given rights, what do the vaccinated have to fear from the unvaccinated if in fact the vaccines work?

Why do we need vaccines at all since there are cures available such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin? Do they pose more risk than chemotherapy?

If the vaccines don’t work 100 percent why are they being mandated? Do they have the moral and ethical authority to condemn a certain percentage of the population to debilitation or death?

Do we know that weekly nasal swabs are safe and free of carcinogens?

Why are we being forced to make public our private medical history?

We also need to rethink the way we apply political immunity. When it’s all said and done the politicians, the CDC, Fauci, and the manufacturers will have absolute immunity from civil or criminal liability even if you die.

That’s wrong and needs to stop. By the way we must preserve qualified immunity for the brave men and women of NYPD.

So, what should we do about it besides not take the experimental drug? We need to demand that the public advocate file an injunction against this administration stopping them from forcing vaccine and mask mandates and mandatory testing until they are all confirmed to be 100% completely safe and those imposing these mandates are subject to accountability if it turns out they’re mistaken.

We need to collectively file suit against the administration and its agents for violating our human rights. Ohio attorney Thomas Renz just put the FDA on notice.

And finally, we need to elect a Mayor and City Council that’s going to pass a law that will remove executive immunity for criminal actions and prevent the violation of our rights without probable cause and due process. I am that candidate, I think Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil is that candidate, I think Vickie [Paladino’s] that candidate, and I think Curtis [Sliwa] is that candidate.

*Marvin Jeffcoat is a Woodside resident and is running for City Council in the 26th District as a Republican. 

Marvin Jeffcoat with Vickie Paladino, Republican candidate for District 19, at an anti-COVID vaccine mandate rally (Photo: Courtesy of Marvin Jeffcoat)

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Gardens Watcher

WARNING: The CDC has issued a health advisory warning physicians and the public about the rise in prescriptions for the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin for use in the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.

It is NOT authorized or approved for prevention OR treatment of COVID-19. Overdose can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension, allergic reactions, dizziness, ataxia, seizures, coma and even death.


What are the chances that there are 8 really nasty comments against Marvin Jeffcoat, but not even 1 comment either in support of or against Patrick O’Brien?

That is not even statistically possible especially considering O’Brien’s response. Licpost, upholding Qrooklin’s reputation.


We already know there are no cures for Covid-19, which is why many people die every day, especially in Republican states where there is a low rate of vaccination. Yes, we know nasal swabs are not carcinogenic. Obviously. Yes we know nothing works 100% but the efficacy is much better than doing nothing. Dozens of politicians around the country just like him have died, including Herman Cain. They don’t learn.


This literally makes no sense. At least Google what the constitution says before writing an op ed?

One LICer

Here comes another MF who vaguely resorts to human rights to fulfil his/her political ambition. The core of democratic society is that people know their rights and liberty are not unlimited. Vaccination and mask are ways not only to protect you from the virus, but more importantly, to protect people around you. It’s not about left or right, democratic or republican. It’s common sense proved in human history. You and those MFs in the picture may be too ignorant to know it. But please stop using your ignorance as a tool for the city council pursuit. We already have enough idiots there.

Sunnyside Kook

Now I know who I am NOT voting for. Thank you for publishing this. It is good to know that Julie’s Won rival is a real kook.

Chris De Naprino (Woodside)

Dear Sir: Oh, what flavor of Kool-Aid did you drink, or did you just drink a generic brand? It will be important to track the source of your madness, hence why I ask.


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