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NYPD to Crack Down on Bars in Astoria and LIC That let Patrons Congregate

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May 28, 2020 By Allie Griffin

The city is sending more police officers to patrol the bars and restaurants in Astoria and Long Island City to enforce social distancing.

The mayor said that the two neighborhoods are among nine “bar-heavy” districts across the five boroughs that will see more cops.

Last week Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to crack down on bars on the Upper East Side, where crowds were seen forming on sidewalks outside bars as patrons got refills on their to-go drinks. He announced today that the NYPD is expanding its area of focus.

Officers are being tasked with breaking up any de-facto sidewalk parties formed by residents picking up to-go cocktails and food outside bars.

“We’re not going to tolerate people starting to congregate. It’s as simple as that,” de Blasio said.

Today, the mayor identified the “bar-heavy” areas where officers from the NYPD and Sheriff’s Office will target to prevent gatherings.

The list of targeted neighborhoods– in addition to Astoria and Long Island City–include the East Village, West Village, Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Hell’s Kitchen and City Island.

De Blasio said the city won’t allow New Yorkers to create “de-facto outdoor seating or de facto parties” outside bars.

“The idea is if you go to a restaurant, a bar, it’s for takeout — keep moving,” de Blasio said Friday. “We’re not doing congregating, we’re not doing gatherings.”

(NYC Office of Night Life)

The city’s Office of Nightlife is also working with bars and restaurants, advising them of the rules.

The office has provided guidelines for bars and restaurants. The office prohibits these establishments from putting out tables, chairs or benches outside the storefronts for customer use.

New York City’s open container law also prohibits people from drinking alcohol in public places like city sidewalks and parks.

“The message is as simple as it could be — take out, don’t hang out,” de Blasio said Friday.

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People must respect authorities rules otherwise they should be fined or incarcerated…

Gigi Chavez

Now is not the time for “Social Disobedience”. That will not get our country up and running again any sooner.”Social Distancing” will.I’m sure we all have things that need getting done around the house.Instead of dwelling on what we can’t do, let’s do what we can.”Spring Cleaning” perhaps.Getting in shape.Getting to know your family again.


More stupidity. It’s nearly impossible to get the virus while outdoors. We know this now. Let people get together.

Imagine being this gullible

You don’t wear a mask when you go outside right? When you’re inside you gather in large maskless groups right? You believed it when the president said we’re testing Lysol injections right?

Otherwise your hypocritical words would mean nothing…

They obviously meant something to someone

Otherwise you wouldn’t have had your fragile feelings hurt lol


Driving thru Astoria the other day a police car 2 cars ahead. As I went down Steinway St large crowds were gathered all along the street and there must have been 20 double parked cars. The police ahead of me HADto notice yet they just drove by like nothing was going on.


But don’t you know the NYPD motto?…”Collect the pay, don’t work a day”

Sara Brownlow

Am absolute and total disgrace and inhuman – Isolating people where in fact gatherings of 10 are allowed , also discrimination towards the drinking community


The 108 better have Blend on Vernon Blvd on the top of their list. I’m the next block up and there is a block party most nights of the week spilling out into the street. Selfish patrons drinking and partying in groups, no masks and no social distancing… But they are sure to leave piles of trash on the street when they leave.


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