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NYPD: Off-duty NYPD sergeant arrested for pulling gun on cyclist in LIC

Sept. 21, 2017 by Nathaly Pesantez

An off-duty NYPD sergeant was arrested early Thursday in a road-rage incident where he pulled a gun on a cyclist and pushed him off his bike in Long Island City, according to a police spokesperson.

Bradley Beamer, 40, was driving his car in the vicinity of Queens Plaza North and 24th Street at around 3:30 a.m. Thursday when he made a U-turn in an effort to engage a cyclist, an NYPD spokesperson said. Beamer and the cyclist argued as he got out of the car, then Beamer pulled his gun on the cyclist and later pushed him off his bike, the spokesperson said. The incident happened in a matter of seconds, according to police.

The cyclist suffered an injury and but did not seek medical attention, police said.

Beamer was arrested at close to 6 a.m. this morning, and charged with menacing, assault, and harassment.

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Comments are correct: this idiot REALLY did something that was caught on tape or witnessed by multiple independent witnesses. If that was not the case, he NEVER would have been charged.


An extremely one-sided story …
The officer seems to have quite a history of bravery and great service…
According to other news reports, there was more than one cyclist, allowing these children (half dozen teens as quoted in NYDailyNews) to gang up on the officer easily.
The post claims that the officer never even pulled the gun.
Is there any video footage or is it just the two sides to the story?
Perhaps he made a UTurn to approach the kids for violating traffic laws?
Why didn’t the kid seek medical attention? Maybe cause it didn’t happen, or the officer didn’t do it?
The speculation and assumptions are absurd here. This officer’s history reads as one of the “good guys” The officers who are agressive while on duty, clearly racist, etc deserve far more than most of them got, but this one just feels like a bunch of hoodlums (children out on bikes at 3am!?) causing trouble.

Cop Much?

For this off duty officer to get arrested for this either another cop witnessed the incident, he was drunk, or there were multiple witnesses corroborating the events. If there were the kind of questions you claim, no chance they arrest a cop right off the bat like that.


Cop…strike one. 3am strip club/alcohol…. strike two. White male…strike three. Just accept the penalty, your guilty by circumstance.


While this off-duty officer should not have done what he did, generally cyclists have little if no respect for traffic rules. As a driver, I witness every week cyclists doing the craziest things on the road. I have been yelled at by them, even cursed, while respecting the transit rules. Red lights are clearly not for them, nor is respecting one way streets. I believe they think the laws protect them from any wrong doing.

Typical motorist

Wow, a cyclist gets SHOT and you still blame them. What a joke. I guess you’ve never seen pedestrians jaywalk or a motorist break the law in NYC.


Who cares if he pulled a trigger or not? He PULLED A GUN and got in the position to kill because of some traffic dispute?! Talk about escalation! Where is his professionalism and his sworn duty to protect?! No excuse.

fake news

I care. exaggerating = fake news. I’ll bet “typical motorist” is also one of the people who insisted that the drug lab on Center BLVD was just like breaking bad and they were making Meth to put all residents in danger of an exploding building. (note: The REAL story is that the guy was making horribly bad drugs, but none that posed any explosive or fume related harm to neighbors.)


Agree 100% – Would really like to hear both the officer and the biker’s sides of the story here. Granted, 330am doesn’t bode well for either of them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the officer got enraged over a violation of traffic laws that could have put both of their lives at risk, as biker’s disregard of traffic laws often do.


Do you know how hard it is to get a cop to arrest another cop?

You think the cop was charged with MULTIPLE CRIMES because he was so innocent? Sounds like you’re one egg short of the omelette.


when faced with the threat of more cop hate or protests, i’d be willing to bet it’s not that hard anymore.


You’re right FromLIC. It’s so outrageous that road users break the law. I see motorists driving above the 25 mile an hour speed limit all the time. I’m sure you condemn these people just as vehemently as you do cyclists and I’m sure you’d never creep over that speed limit when you are driving. But seriously you’re on a completely different tangent. Nobody deserves a gun in their face like unless they’re waving a fun themselves.


There’s plenty of aggressive driving in NYC, but I don’t see motorists continually driving through red lights or against traffic.

LIC commuter

You don’t see motorists run lights? You don’t leave your home much do you? Every day on my way to work I walk through two intersections near where this happened where six, seven, eight… cars run the light every single time it switches. The only exception is when the intersection is blocked by cars doing the same in the other direction.

A cop pulling his weapon out of ‘rage’ can not be trusted with a weapon. Take his gun away and put him on traffic duty, I say.


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