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Noon: 7 train riders continue to face delays

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Jan. 4, 2016 Staff Report

The 7 train went down for about 30 minutes between Queens Plaza and 34th Street Hudson Yards this morning due to a rail condition at the Hunters Point Avenue station, according to the MTA.

Although the train returned to service around 9:10 am, riders were still subject to significant delays at 12:00pm, according to the MTA website. Click for updates.

Many riders took to Twitter to voice their frustrations, with one displaced passenger noting the lack of Q60 buses to handle the overflow.


On Q60 after 3 packed busses went by-where’s the ‘Plan B’ for 7train’s issues. Unacceptable. @NYGovCuomo @SenGianaris @JimmyVanBramer @MTA

— 7 Train Blues (@7trainblues) January 4, 2016

.@MTA #7train riders frustrated w/AM delay on coldest day of yr. What’s timeline for service restoration?Ridersneed answers cc @7trainblues

— Jimmy Van Bramer(@JimmyVanBramer) January 4, 2016


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JVB needs to hold a press conference…
On a separate note, is it just me but ever since the Hudson Yards project went live haven’t we seen more 7 train delays?


James and Maria are RIGHT. The MTA does not care and the community boards arein the pockets of the DEVELOPERS. It will only get worse.I remember I was going to work a fewy ears back and there was a broken rail on The E Train. MTA said there would be buses sent. The buses of course did not come right away.One rider screamed to the top of his lungs, ” This is the worst system in the world” he was right. MTA is a bloated wasteful organization.


No point complaining because the MTA does not care about anyone they are incompetent and proud of it getting paid with our taxes and fares. The 7 train’s issues will get much worse in the years to come thanks to the giant condos being built in the area and everyone requiring transportation to Manhattan for work. Blame our community boards for allowing all this development to happen without foreseeing the consequences.


This was one of the worse. I don’t understand why this happens so much with the 7 line. They close it down half the times on weekends to inconvenience us as is, but to do this on work days as well. Than you have the nerve to want to raise the fairs so for this but WTF.


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