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New eatery to open on Jackson Avenue next month

Aris Delachanis, Billy Demos and Konstantinos Kousiaris (L-R)

May 23, 2017 By Christian Murray

A new eatery is scheduled to open on Jackson Avenue next month.

Pantry, which will offer farm-fresh food, is opening at 24-20 Jackson Avenue taking over the space that was formerly occupied by Sage General.

The restaurant will be a fast-casual dining spot offering seasonal, healthy and wholesome food, according to its owners. The menu will consist of hearty dishes, signature salads, homemade soups, and specialty sandwiches. It will also be serving locally-roasted coffee.

The restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast items will include omelets, yogurt, bagels and oatmeal.

The restaurant will not be serving liquor upon opening. However, the owners plan to apply for a wine and beer license once the restaurant is established.

The owners discovered the location by happenstance. Billy Demos, a real estate broker in Astoria and a Pantry co-owner, said he happened to come across the location after showing a client an apartment in the area.

He said that he always wanted to open a restaurant and the opportunity presented itself. His business partner Konstantinos Kousiaris also works in real estate in Astoria.

The manager of the restaurant, Aris Dalachanis is an Astoria resident who came to the United States from Greece two years ago. He worked in restaurants prior to coming to this country.

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I remember there was parking on both sides of jackson ave and you could easily spend some time and money there. not that easy to get to anymore unless you live close by

An Astoria mom

Best Wishes! Don’t know what the store hours will be,but hope& believe people will experience some welcoming hospitality .As I write,am remembering an incident at a different place..Late one freezing winter night,train service to Astoria stopped abruptly at Queens Plaza.I was practically alone on a creepy,deserted street,with no bus in sight. In the distance,like a beacon of safety,was a brightly lit store sign.I ventured over,happy to see such a desperately needed place.Inside,while using my phone,I noticed& went to purchase some snacks.Another shivering woman had come into the store,standing near the windowpane,looking at a (different) bus stop area just outside the door. A store employee then pointedly announced:”No waiting allowed in here!”. The ( embarrassed?) lady went back out into the now snowy night.Stunned, I tried to gently say something about this as I paid-& was cut off with something like:”Look-people come in here’ just to wait’, or ‘just to look’,etc.,& the next thing I know , a candybar’s missing!!Stuff is stolen.You come in here,you BUY something!..” As a nurse, you try hard to understand where people are coming from.Maybe he’d put his life savings in a gleaming new store & not making ends meet yet.Whatever..But this didn’t seem like a way to promote business.I don’t know,I ‘ve never gone back there..


Calling this place a restaurant is hilarious. It seems there is space for about 12 people. It is, once again, primarily a breakfast/lunch take-out place, aimed at the businesses in the area and not for people who live here as an evening dinner option. Ah, well. Good luck to them, hope it’s a success.

Ginger the Pirate

This place is going to do well with all the people moving into the area. Cheers!


healthy lunch option in the neighborhood? Which part of LIC are you from? Under the Newton Creek? The only thing that seems to pop up (and go down) in this neighborhood are those “healthy, farmer market salad, with Tobys Coffee”…In case you haven’t been here long enough, Sage General was the SAME concept along with the brunch crap. Yet its iron the most crowded places happens to be that burger joint a block away and a BBQ joint. Good luck boys.

Paul needs a life

This guy obviously has NOTHING better to do with his time than sit on the computer and bash other peoples hard work and dedication! Get a life buddy…shouldn’t you be working at 1:30 on a Tuesday rather than be a low life troll? Place looks and sounds amazing, no need for luck because it’s going to be amazing.


Do you go on sites like Yelp and cry for every negative review or are you that jerk that puts a 1 star for not getting enough Kale in your vegan smoothie….either ways, spine up sunshine and get that stick out of your behind…this aint a little twinkle twinkle little star world we live in. I don’t seek your approval let alone care whether you like my comments on not. FYI, I own enough businesses to have the freedom to post whenever I like….I suppose you are unfortunate to have a job that keeps you on your leash…good, that’s how I keep my employees too 😉


Sage was more upscale, with flowers on the table and waiter service. This is definitely more casual and seems to be more like Communitea.


You guys are going to do amazing business! Keep service fast, upbeat, and friendly and you’ll have a huge flow of regulars! We have been waiting for something just like this to take hold. Cheers!
-Your future regular! lindsay


So glad there will be a healthy lunch option in the neighborhood! I’m really looking forward to it opening!


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