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New Early Development Childhood Center Opens on Vernon Blvd

MyTreehouse - Article 05

June 10, 2016 Sponsored Content

A new early development education center opened last month at 46-07 Vernon Blvd. in Long Island City.

MyTreehouse officially held its first day of classes on May 4 after meeting several requirements set by various city agencies. The center, according to owner Robert Cilinghir, was originally scheduled to open last winter. However, he was delayed by a great deal of red-tape.

MyTreehouse - Article 01There are four classrooms at MyTreehouse and each room is dedicated to children of a specific age group. Two classrooms have been set aside for toddlers that are 3 months to 12 months old, another room for children ages 1 to 2, and a fourth room for children ages 2 to 3.

“There are four classrooms with eight to 10 kids to each room, and two teachers in each. There are also instructors who float around from each room depending on the activities, so the adult to child ratio is sometimes greater than 1:4 or 1:5,” Cilinghir said.

In addition, each room is set to have its own gym area.

“Unlike the traditional daycare set-up where there is one gym for 20, 30, or 50 children, we’re going to have a gym in every room,” Cilinghir stated.

Summer Camp Enrollment Begins

Over the next month, the staff and faculty at MyTreehouse plan to reach out to parents and enroll children into their upcoming Summer Camp that runs from July 4 to August 26.

MyTreehouse - Article 02The camp will be open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, between 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Parents will have the option to enroll their children for the entire season, for specific weeks, or only on Saturdays.

“Curriculum in the summer camp is created for children to experiment with all different forms of art to create their very own masterpieces,” Cilinghir said. Families are then invited to a summer-end opening at MyTreehouse to view their little ones’ creations and receive a portfolio of their child’s work.

“We are incorporating the science of studying colors, clay sculptures, paper construction and even have child-friendly animals come in such as turtles and frogs so they can learn about their characteristics. Each week is complemented with recreational activities such as walks to the park, yoga, dance, music and movement,” Cilinghir added.

A Progressive Philosophy on Childhood Education

The center’s founder believes that while learning foundations of math and writing is important, a lot of early childhood development shouldn’t come from testing, but instead from playtime activities that have an educational component behind them.

MyTreehouse - Article 03“MyTreehouse provides a quality child care experience from infants to toddlers,” Cilinghir said. “Our highly trained teachers nurture each child to reach developmental milestones, ensuring each child becomes confident, joyful and fully prepared students.”

Cilinghir stated that the early development center reflects on what is known as “Progressive Education and John Dewey principles,” a guideline for childhood education that encourages children to gain knowledge through play, direct experience, hands on activities and social interaction with peers.

“The idea is very, very simple. Everything that they’re touching, looking [at] or playing with, those will all be geared toward them learning,” Cilinghir said. “Whether they’re playing with colors, the alphabet, or singing a song or dancing, everything that we do from the time the little ones come into our center until the time they leave will be geared toward education.”

In the future, MyTreehouse is planning to incorporate Saturday classes that enhance parents’ involvement such as “Mommy and Me Yoga” and workshops dedicated to “Principles of Parenting” that will guide families in parenting challenges. These workshops are designed to help parents deepen their connections to their children and foster self-love, responsibility and resiliency.

Parents who are interested in learning more, or who would like to fill out an application form for their summer camp in person, can e-mail [email protected] or call (718) 734-8862. More information can be found on their website.

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My child attends my treehouse and my child is very happy there. The teachers are attentive, sends me updates and send me photos of my childs daily activity. They keep the children engaged and I couldn’t be happer! 🙂

Anonymous visitor

Looks like they hired a few of the preschoolers to design the typography on the awning.


Comment from MRLIC about how this could have been a bowling alley in 5…4…3…2…

el jefe donaldo trumpo

dropping your kid off 9 hours a day with an stranger who’d rather look at her iphone than interact with your kids is a bad idea. stay home w your kids….you dont need as much money as you think if you budget right.

Megan M

Spoken like the true Trump. And who exactly should stay home with the kids El Jefe, your doting wife? Regardless of your views on stay at home vs working parents, early education is a universally accepted boon for kids. Do you really think a stressed out parent also trying to run a household can put together a similar curriculum of learning, arts and play with budgeted resources? The neighborhood needs more of this stuff and I’m baffled as to why you’d poo-poo it.

Anonymous visitor

A mother bonding and spending time with her child during formative years of development is essential. Just because their are business people out there making it easier for mothers to work doesn’t mean it is better for women to raise their own kids. If you can’t afford to do this, then don’t have them.


Cause three month old babies really need a daily curriculum.
If you have to work you have to work. But some of us happily dote on our husbands and raise our children. The stressed is relieved because I am the dedicated care giver. No arguing over who’s turn it is to change the diapers or cook dinner after working all day. It’s done and prepared before he gets home. The way nature intended. Your children are small for a short period of time. No one is a better care giver then a nurturing loving mother.


You have no idea how these people interact with the children. You are unfair to pass such judgment on the caretakers / operators and the parents.
I am sure most do what they can do keep their children out of daycare as long as possible. People taking prolonged maternity leave is not always possible.


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