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New Cafe with Ready-Made Meals to Open in LIC Next Month

Little Chef Little Cafe Storefront (Photo: Diana Manaling)

Oct. 18, 2019. By Shane O’Brien 

A new café is set to open in Long Island City next month.

Little Chef Little Café will have its grand opening on Nov. 11 at 5-43 48th Ave., the former site of the Greenpoint Fish and Lobster Company, which closed in August. The café aims to have a soft opening within the next two weeks.

The café is owned and operated by husband and wife Steven Beteille and Diana Manalang, who also run a catering company called Little Chef Little Kitchen.

Manalang said that the new café would be capable of seating a maximum of ten customers and that it will mainly serve take-out orders. She said that the café will have a take-out window for fast orders.

The café menu will include a salad station, smoothies and customized acai bowls, Manalang confirmed. It will also serve a selection of ready-made, microwaveable meals from her catering company.

Manalang and Beteille have been living in LIC for six years and live just one block away from the new café. Their catering company also predominately serves the LIC area which made it an obvious decision for the couple to set up in the area.

“I’m so excited to open in LIC and feeding the community and being part of the community,” Manalang said.

Little Chef Little Café will open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Manalang hopes that people will stop by on their way home from work to pick up ready-made dinners.

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Megan Wan

So excited for this! I love the idea of grab and go meals, especially with a little guy to feed

MRSLIC (No relation)

Excited to finally have a place where I can pick up fresh options after work besides the grocery store. Diana is amazing…and so is her food! Hoping they’ll even consider staying open a half hour later for those of us who work a little later.

Real estate developers like Trump are driving up rents

It’s a shame they get giant tax breaks from Trump so more businesses close. You were gullible enough to vote for him. How’s that border wall coming? ?


Border wall is actually coming along pretty nicely, and will be finished during his next term. Don’t be fooled by your liberal crime and poverty ridden oasis we fondly call NYC. It’s a big country out there and most of it is RED.

Agreed, Trump completely failed to build The Great Wall

> Border wall is actually coming along pretty nicely

That’s completely false. July 2019, U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that no new wall had yet been built. How embarrassing for you.

Why did he lie about Mexico paying for it?
Why the Trump Shutdown?
Why is he making the taxpayer pay for it? $7.1 billion.

>crime and poverty ridden oasis we fondly call NYC

Why suffer this liberal nightmare?! Move to a Republican paradise like Alabama ?

> It’s a big country out there and most of it is RED

The majority of voters in the 2016 election voted blue. Try Googling it.


More States voted for Trump,that’s how the electoral college works. There are greater population centers in the Big cities on each coast.The college was put in because after the civil war the North had more population and would win every tme. Very similar now in the BIG Cities. Wall is being constructed along with a Citizens Donated money wall. Trump wanted to stop giving the money we give to Mexico unless they stopped letting migrants cross the border. Democrats stopped him with a court case. I think he would have used that money for the wall. NYC is a Socialist /Communist/ Liberal Nightmare. All losers in our Mayor/ Governor and City Council. Illegals get everything and citizens get nothing. The Trump Shutdown is because the Democrats keep OBSTRUCTING HIM AT EVERY TURN.

Why does he have to beg Democrats for money

>Wall is being constructed along with a Citizens Donated money wall

That’s completely false. July 2019, U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed that no new wall had yet been built.

>Illegals get everything

Shame we don’t have a wall, huh? lmao

> The Trump Shutdown is because the Democrats

I agree, he got totally outsmarted by the Democrats.

Why did we have the Trump Shutdown, when Mexico was supposed to make a “one time payment” for it? Why is he forcing a tax on the taxpayer to pay for it?

You didn’t believe him did you? How gullible. Keep voting for real estate developers.

Time's Up

Hence the reason Hillary, no liberal icon, rec’d 3 million more votes. Keep watching that Fox.

MRLIC I agree, Hillary got 3 million more votes

We already know that the majority of Americans didn’t vote for the real estate developer you love, but thanks for repeating it.


I watched a pretty good documentary called The River and the Wall. Good for people who think they know what they are talking about, like you. Also, this IS a big country with a lot of red states but there are more blue people and the blue people live in the educated, economic and population centers.


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