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Nearly 20 Priests Who Served in Woodside, Sunnyside and LIC Parishes Named For Sexually Abusing Children: Diocese

St. Mary in Long Island City

Feb. 18, 2019 By Christian Murray

Nearly 20 priests who served Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City parishes were named on Friday when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn released a list of priests credibly accused of child sex abuse.

The diocese, which covers Catholic churches in Queens and Brooklyn, named 108 priests, many of whom have served at local parishes in recent decades.

Fifteen priests spent time serving at one or more of the following churches: St. Teresa in Woodside; Queen of Angels Church in Sunnyside; St Sebastian in Woodside; St Raphael in Long Island City; St. Mary in Long Island City; St. Patrick in Long Island City; St. Mary’s of Winfield; and Corpus Christi in Woodside.

The priests who served in these parishes include:

Hugo Bedoya, St. Mary and St. Teresa

James Frost, St. Sebastian and St. Raphael

Roger Guiry, St. Raphael

Henry McCloud, St. Teresa and St. Raphael

John McLoughlin, St. Sebastian

Francis Mulhall, St. Teresa

James O’Rourke, Corpus Christi

Cornelius Otero, St Teresa

Patrick Sexton, St. Patrick

George Voiland, Corpus Christi

Lawrence Crowley, St. Sebastian

John Padian, St. Teresa

Robert Rodriguez, St. Teresa

Edward Walsh, St. Mary

John Dwyer, Queen of Angels

Christopher Coleman, St. Mary’s of Winfield

Vincent Gallo, St. Mary’s of Winfield

John Thompson, St Mary’s of Winfield

Francis Wildgruber, St. Mary’s of Winfield

The list, according to commentators, indicates how pervasive the sex abuse crisis has been for the church and the steps taken to put an ugly chapter to rest. Just last week, five bishops in New Jersey released the names of nearly 200 priests who had been credibly accused of sexually abusing children.

The list released by the Brooklyn diocese Friday does not state what parish each priest was serving when the abuse allegedly took place. It just lists, without dates, the various parishes each priest served during his career.

The diocese notes that the bulk of the 108 cases involved priests who were ordained between 1930 and 1979. The abuses that took place peaked in the 1960s and 1970s, although most were reported after 2002. About two-thirds of the named priests are deceased, with the remainder defrocked.

The names were released in a letter by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, who said it was part of the diocese’s commitment to great transparency.

“It is my hope that the publishing of this list will provide some assistance to those who are continuing the difficult process of healing, as well as encourage other victims to come forward,” DiMarzio wrote in a letter that was accompanied by the names.

DiMarzio said that he has been working to address the problem since 2004, shortly after he was appointed bishop.

He said he established a toll-free reporting line in 2004. He said that when a report is taken, it is then forwarded to the Queens or Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

If the District Attorney’s office doesn’t have enough evidence to move forward with a case, it is referred to the Diocesan Review Board, formed to investigate whether the claim is credible and whether the Vatican should remove the cleric.

The diocese, in further steps to address the crisis, established an Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program in 2017, which is being administered by Kenneth Feinberg and Associates. Since its launching, the diocese has become aware of a large number of cases, more than at any other time.

“Out of justice, we will continue to search for additional victims of abuse and we will be conducting a private compensation program for those who wish to participate,” DiMarzio wrote.

“Sexual abuse is a heinous, sinful crime and we as a Diocese are committed to remain vigilant against such abuse.”

Click for list of priests credibly accused of sexually abusing children.

To report a case call: 1-88-634-4499

Bishop DiMarzio Video Statement on List Release (English) from Diocese of Brooklyn Press Office on Vimeo.

Most Reverend Nicholas DiMa… by on Scribd

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We put buttons in elevators that don’t work just to make people feel in control, we put buttons at intersections that don’t work just to make people feel like they are in control and we have religion that does not work to make people feel like they are in control. Humans are surprisingly gullible and unobservant.

The Catholic Church needs to join the 21st century

Very disgusting! At least they are know reporting these animals. Hold them accountable and lock them up.
The Catholic Church needs to allow their priests to marry. Enough of the “Clerical Celibacy” BS….


Yes I’ve been saying that they should be allowed to marry & procreate as other religions have been doing. Screw that life of celibacy, it’s 2019 geez!


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