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MTA Suspends 7 Train Service After Person Killed by Train

Passengers at Court Square 23rd Street station this morning dealing with the impact of 7 train suspension (Twitter @Caitlinn777)

Oct. 8, 2019. By Shane O’Brien 

The MTA has halted 7 train service between Manhattan and Queens after a person was fatally struck by a train this morning near the Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue station.

The incident occurred in the tunnel between Grand Central Station and Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue at around 8:30 a.m., according to an MTA spokesperson.

Further details are unknown at this time. Emergency crews are currently investigating the scene.

The MTA has suspended 7 train service in both directions between Times Square-42nd Street and Hunters Point Avenue.

It advises passengers to take alternate routes into Manhattan, such as the nearby E, F, M, N and R trains.

LIRR is also accommodating subway ticket holders at no additional charge at the Penn Station, 61st Street-Woodside and Main Street stations.

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K White

Condolences to the person and their family.
And our prayers go out to the train operator who had to witness this.


I was on the train and am very curious about this incident. Who died under the tons of steel we were riding on? How did this poor soul end up in this place? It happened in a narrow part of the tunnel and I guess there were few shelters from this big train. We were left without information for more than an hour. The conductor was not precise, was not articulating properly, and the sound system was not working well, as usual, so nobody imagined what happened. It was a surprise to all when we saw the rescue train come and connect to the front of our train, and then were finally told by personnel, without any explanation, to walk through car after car after car until we made it to the front of the escape convoy. It did not stop there: since we were trying to leave on a very steep track, the new train had a hard time taking off from the damage area, going backwards down a few feet every time the driver released the brakes, before he finally managed to pull us up. This back-and-forth probably further damaged the corpse, making it even harder to identify the victim, and I was scared that all those daisy-chained trains might eventually just rumble down the tack and crash at the bottom of the tunnel under the East River.

I am looking for the police report but it has not been released yet it seems.


I got the news while standing on the platform awaiting the shuttle train to timesquare. No one reacted, as if the life of someone did not matter. I was the last one squeezing to get on and did not want to miss my court appearance and was able to prove my credibility to the judge, and now have to wait eight weeks for her verdict.


I was also on this train and cannot imagine a worse job by the MTA officials overall. Im really shocked something like this can happen in a developed city transit system in 2019. A train stops abruptly for nearly 2 hours with 3 unclear, sloppy announcements from the MTA. The utter lack of information and aloofness of the MTA officials (namely the stupid conductor) are inexcusable.


Very well said and I indeed find it depressing that this was so poorly managed. It shows that MTA employees do not care a bit and despise the very taxpayers to whom they owe their jobs.

cristina lopez

I was also stuck going into the city when this happend. I think its rather frustrating that people in whatever mental state they may be in are irreseponsible enough to do things like be in a tunnel during rush hour. Stay off the tracks, dont ever touch the 3rd rail, take your backpacks off, give your seat to the elderly, pregnant or disabled- Actions affect other commuters. For someone to get hit by a train during rush hour is a complete selfish action that affects the morning of thousands of NYers trying to get to where we need to go. Not a great way to start the morning!!!


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