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One in Four New Yorkers May Have Been Infected With COVID-19; Cuomo

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April 28, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

Approximately one-in-four New York City residents may have been infected with the coronavirus at some point, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said yesterday.

The findings were based on antibody tests that were conducted statewide to ascertain how many New Yorkers may have been infected.

The data, Cuomo said, serves as an important tool in the fight against the virus and will be used to determine when the economy should re-open.

The tests consisted of a blood sample taken from each participant via a fingerstick. The blood samples were then tested for the antibodies. The positive results indicate that their immune system has had to fight off the virus at some point.

Many tests were conducted in Flushing.

Congresswoman Grace Meng said that more than 360 coronavirus antibody tests were carried out in Flushing over the weekend. It is unclear what percentage of the people at the Flushing site tested positive.

Cuomo said that 24.7 percent of those tested in New York City came back positive, suggesting that nearly 2.1 million residents could have been infected with COVID-19 at some point.

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Donna Cuffari

I totally believe that there are individuals who for one reason or another already had COV19 or have an immunity to it. Testing everyone who will agree to be testing IS by far the best road to take as soon as possible and once Gov Cuomo feels the time is right. I for one have thought this all along. As strange and ridiculous this may seem to professionals, my reasoning is as simple as this.. Genes. Perhaps heredity. I don’t really know. What I do know is that my mother when she was alive never had a cold or a flu in her life. This is not something I just observed growing up, but her also saying (on many occasions while being around others who were sick with colds or flu) “no worries, I don’t get colds”! Moms been gone for many years now, however I too have never had a cold or flu in my lifetime. (And just one of her great qualities she left me). However whether I received a Flu shots or not any given year, it didn’t matter. At most I remember once and a while getting a little sore throat or runny nose FOR ONE DAY. Then it would be gone by night or in the morning.
However, my reason for writing now is because of something that happened to me about a 2 years ago and which repeated approximately 6-7 months back. (Although it was not nearly as bad as the first time). About 2 years ago I started noticing mucous. Only a little at first and only in the morning. I attributed it to aging and began drinking more water, etc. However it got to the point and after a week or two that just a deep breath in the shower and a strong blow out of my nose (only) would send mucous flying out of my nose. A lot and much more than I’d ever blow normally until a tissue. Also, right after doing that, I would bend over (into a toe touching position) and could feel more was there and would cough up much thicker almost an elastic type multi color mucous. I would keep doing that until I could stand up and not feel anything left and felt it was all up. This was ridiculous and as disgusting as it reads here, if I saved it (yuk) it would have filled a baby food jar perhaps half way. How could this, just mucous and lots of it, be the extent of some cold or flu??? ( And the only reason I went through this ritual was because I knew it just should not be there, (and NOT because it bothered me at that particular moment.) It only affected the way I felt in the morning when I’d wake. Safe to say I didn’t feel the least bit sick any other time of the day the whole time. And as I mentioned, lasted about a month. I went on with my normal day, I ate the same, And felt the same all during this month of hacking in the shower a couple times a day. After that month it went away.
It happened again about a year later, but much less. Once and a while it will still happen, but very little compared to what initially happened to me almost 2 years ago.
Ok, that’s my story and why I’m so curious. Since neither my mom (& if memory serves, my grandmother also) and myself (now 66) never got a cold or flu, could it be possible that what I had, that first time, almost 2 years ago was the COV19? Could it be that I did not become any sicker than just the coughing up the mucous, because of some kind of immunity I may carry genetically from my mother?
To date I have not contracted this current COV19 virus. I am continuing to work at a local CVS.
I hope you understand that I’m taking the time to leave this
story only because I want to help! Perhaps (with luck) the immunity I may have as far as colds and flu can be found with testing and the medical community may be able to use some information? I honestly don’t know how to word this and maybe I’m totally wrong in my thinking. But if I didn’t at least just put my thoughts out somewhere and later found it may have helped, I’d never forgive myself.
I thank you for reading. I live in New Jersey and saw this while reading Governor Cuomo’s latest words and advise. He’s not my governor and New Yorkers are lucky to have him. He has their backs FIRST! I hope they realize that.
Thank you,
Donna Cuffari


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