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Man Snatches Woman’s Cellphone at Court Square-23 St Station, NYPD Releases Video of Suspect

Photo: Paul Sableman

Nov. 4, 2017 By Christian Murray

The police released surveillance footage Friday of a man who allegedly snatched a woman’s cellphone at the Court Sq-23 St station last month and fled.

The suspect approached the woman on the platform of a Manhattan-bound E train at around 8:40 p.m. on Oct. 18, grabbed her phone from her hand and ran away, according to police.

The suspect is described as black, approximately 5′.9″, 145lbs, and was wearing a gray sweatshirt, and green pants. The woman was not injured, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)


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WG 39th St

All we need is a downturn in the economy, stocks fall and a correction in the markets and you will see an even greater spike in homelessness, crime, unemployment, etc. DiBlasio spending our tax dollars hand over fist, he will go after homeowners and increase our property taxes to pay for his agenda and freeloaders living off the system, the developers have paid off our elected leaders, real estate speculators come in purchase multi-unit buildings and wait or push out rent control tenants in order maximize profits, renovate then charge market rates . It’s a false sense of prosperity — we are not doing well as a city. NEXT ON DIBLASIO’S AGENDA COMMUNITY HOMELESS SHELTERS COMING TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. The unfinished multi-unit building on 50th Avenue and 39th Street has been leased through a DiBlasio connected not-for-profit management outfit to run a “Transitional” homeless shelter where the NOT-FOR PROFIT RECEIVES THE MONEY FROM THE CITY AND THEY MANAGE THE HOMELESS SHELTER , THE NOT FOR PROFIT leased the building from the developer at a staggering price, the money is funneled through the non-profit and the developer sits back and collects the exorbitant rents, twice as much as he would get from a regular tenant. Another building on 37th street on Queens Blvd also being converted into a community Homeless shelter. Empty Lot next to the YMCA on 32nd Street Queens Blvd will house a hotel, another homeless hotel in the neighborhood. You get the picture. Disappointing, I can’t say for sure but JVB must be aware of this. If you own a home, condo, co-op in Sunnyside, LIC get an evaluation see how much it’s worth, decide if you want to sell or better yet contact the Department of Homeless Services maybe they can rent your property and turn it in to a half way house for runaways, ex-cons, or a homeless facility. Our neighborhood is a the tipping point.


Can I just say.. why are security cameras so crap? Almost impossible to make out a sharp image of the perp’s face.. .is it really so hard in 2017 to provide CCTV that works… if not rip out the cameras and save the expense.

conpiracy = proven

One crime was reported in one neighborhood = all crime stats everywhere are bogus I guess


There is more than 1 crime that happens around LIC. The reasons are to keep Tourism coming and keep Luxury developers customers coming into buy their OVER PRICED CONDOS. This is not the first time aa crime was reported weeks after it happened.


SURE MR, DUMBLASIO and Commissioner O’Neill CRIME IS DOWN !!!!!!!!The people really know the truth. Why wasn’t this released until early November when it happened October 18? Answer—-Politicians Luxury Developers and all real estate people want it kept QUIET !!!!!!!! The Pols & rich developers and real estate people don’t care about the citizens of NYC, they care more about $$$$$$$$$$$$ from the Tourists and to get elected again. Yes Jimmy Van Bramer this includes you too.!!!!!!!!


AS I said he is a businessman who had Policies I liked . I never did say he was a model person. He still was and is better than Crooked Hillary.


Funny the delusional Trump supporters love to call Hillary crooked when Trump is the one who has actually been indicted and convicted on multiple criminal charges. Just by constantly saying s lye over and over again does not make it come true. Trump University, illegal demolition, illegal alien labor. His administration was caught using illegal servers to house e-mails just like Hillary. Sound familiar? Trumps just a crooked fascist who demands his political rivals be thrown in jail. This Manchurian candidate and his racist followers are bonafude traitors.


As a landlord he cut off heat and water to force out low-income tenants. Stop pretending you don’t love greedy developers when you voted one into more power, so he can build more condos and pass more tax cuts for the rich.

You voted against your own interests.

drop the act

Stop pretending you don’t LOVE luxury condo developers, no one is buying it. We know you voted for one for president, now he can build more luxury condos.

Four more years

Thankfully we re-elected DeBlasio to protect low-income families from the GREEDY Luxury Developer you voted for for president. And unlike Trump, he actually won the popular vote.


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