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Man Arrested, Charged with Sexual Abuse, Forcible Touching After 7 Train Groping

Photo of suspect taken by victim (NYPD).

Dec. 6, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

Police have arrested the man wanted for a groping incident aboard a 7 train in Long Island City last month.

John Anturi, 42, was arrested on Dec. 5 at around 7:40 a.m., and charged with forcible touching and sexual abuse after a Nov. 11 incident where he allegedly rubbed his groin against a 28-year-old woman’s backside and grabbed her rear while riding a Flushing-bound 7 train, police said.

The victim managed to take a photo of her alleged assailant as she got off the at the Court Square stop, according to police.

Anturi is due to appear at the Queens County Criminal Court on Dec. 8.

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How about instead of subway cameras, we just force all women in NYC to wear burkas in public, so they don’t attract attention from sexual predators and then sexist people like brooklynmc wouldn’t have to analyze the truthfulness of their complaints


I think it is about time the MTA puts cameras in all cars. It is great that women are feeling like they can stand up for themselves but it also open up the possibility that anyone can blame anyone for anything. An accidental bump into a nut case could turn into so much more and we all know there are enough nuts in this city. All you have to do is snap a photo of someone and complain to the police.

Give it a rest Brooklyn

The scenario you portray is so ridiculous and extremely unlikely,especially when compared with the zillions of legitimate complaints by these brave women, who should be cheered for speaking out and ending the scourge of creeps and gropers in the subway once and for all. Decent men know the difference between an accidental bump and perverted grinding on a women’s ass. Sounds like you led a very sheltered life or have no respect for women, or both.


I disagree completely. I absolutely believe these complaints from women. The scenario is not ridiculous and has already happened many times, although maybe not on the NYC subway. I am not sure why there are not cameras on the trains, there should be. I knew when I posted this comment it would be an easy target for simpletons and your reaction was predictable.

your neighbor

Nice work.
Too bad they couldn’t get to Weinstein and the rest of those ******* as quickly.


Yeah it’s a shame our sexual predator president endorsed the republican pedophile senate candidate instead of condemning him. Glad to see someone brought to justice for once.


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