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Louis Pavone, Principal at P.S./ I.S. 78, Arrested for Drunk Driving Friday

Louis Pavone

Dec. 1, 2018 By Christian Murray

The principal of P.S./I.S. 78 Louis Pavone was arrested Friday for drunk driving, according to police.

Pavone, 59, was pulled over while driving eastbound on 24th Avenue in Astoria at around 9:50 p.m., according to police.

“He was driving in an unsafe manner and was pulled over,” said a police spokesperson.

Pavone was then charged with driving while intoxicated and disobeying a traffic device.


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who knows what that man was going through that day that led him to make that decision. By the grace of God he did not hit anyone or injury himself so that was definitely meant to be a lesson. Who are you to judge and call him a drunk? He is a human being just like SOME of you. He got his job for a reason let the man learn his lesson it’s not your job to. And if it’s too much for you take your fake boujie standards to another neighborhood and another school. Obviously he’s not teaching your children nor is he drunk at work. I get it I do but don’t type your comments as if you’re innocent and don’t act like you know exactly what happened.

K mom

The issue of the driving itself may or may not be an excusable offense depending on the variables. This is not my opinion, it’s just the way the law works.

To us – the bigger matter of concern right now is the lack of action and communication on behalf of the school, DOE, and Pavone himself. The school should have issued a letter clarifying the situation and keeping us all informed as decisions are made.

Does anyone know what’s happening?!

Ps!!!- just had to clarify for whoever is actually reading this… there’s a comment on this thread from a “jo”. Same name here but that wasn’t me!


Appreciate all these comments. Wanted to share our experience. We were very concerned at seeing this in the news. Our children attended PS78Q as the former principal was leaving, and Mr. Pavone was appointed and his first couple of years at the helm there. By the time our children finished (it was through 5th grade, then), we felt grateful to Mr. Pavone for his leadership and stewardship, and wished the school went beyond 5th — as it does now. We did not always agree with the school. But, throughout, we felt Mr. Pavone was seeking to maintain the high standards and creative programs he had inherited, and then saw him grow the school even more for diversity, and to meet big changes in school system and neighborhood needs. We also saw how he did so through enormous new challenges, including a changing neighborhood, which was then full of heavy, active construction — a massive activity which did not always seem mindful of the presence of the school and the children. We also saw how our children and their fellow students were always nurtured and challenged intellectually, and saw creative accommodation achieved for students with special needs. We know there are enormous responsibilities to being a principal, so we respect and accept there must be accountability and due review of this incident. We also feel any full appreciation of Mr. Pavone’s abilities, character and contribution will reveal his excellent character, his dedication to the children and education, and that he will be found worthy of circumspect consideration.


No one writing in appears to be aware that civil service rules, put in place to protect City workers from the winds of political favoritism, include supervisory personnel. Principal Pavone appears to be compassionate and competent. Hate-filled commentary is easy to write–say, perhaps, when drunk on hate.

ms lic

The fact that he did not cause property damage or god forbid, hit someone, was dumb luck. I wonder how supportive 78Q parents would be if this happened on Center Blvd, and not on a couple of odd numbered streets in far-away Astoria.


I’m shocked and dismayed that he is back at school. How can any parent trust his judgement at this point? Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm and not the exception when it comes to power and privilege in our society. White males are given the benefit of the doubt. Make no mistake: this is what is happening here and even an educated, liberal neighborhood like LIC cannot escape the very real consequences of old-fashioned male entitlement. He made a mistake” “He’s really a good person” “Don’t judge him by this one action” What’s even more sad is that it’s mostly the women perpetuating this and supporting him.


Black males who deal drugs, carry weapons, and break laws repeatedly, however, are obviously innocent victims of racism, right? You can’t have it both ways. And why is it sad that women are saying this? Are they not being good social justice warrior cannon fodder?


No one is above the law! Oh wait! Unless you’re a white guy with some power and standing. Then you’re forgiven and everyone empathizes with you and your one, small, tiny mistake that could have injured or killed someone. Carry on, masses.

Concerned Parent

For the people writing that Principal Pavone is a caring person, you must not know him very well. He is a mean egotistical principal and person who belittles his staff. He is disrespectful and some would even say a bully. Teachers are afraid of him and what will happen if they don’t support him. That is the only reason some are choosing to do so. As a parent of a middle schooler I am shocked that he was able to walk into school today like nothing happened.

LIC mom

So let me get this straight, the entire 78Q staff is behind his decision to drive drunk? That’s great. You’re all a shining example to the children you’re educating. Not.

Rise up LIC!

And he was right back to school on Mon. Guess he’s got some important friends. And he can get away with it because the parents at 78 are all terrified of him.

Patrick W. Smith

Our son attended elementary school and middle school at PS 78. In my opinion, Principal Pavone was proactive, effective and very caring. He was also instrumental in creating PS/IS 78, one of the only school buildings that goes through 8th grade and he was very helpful behind the scenes in stopping the proposed grade truncation.
I hope that the community is able to find some middle ground where Mr. Pavone is held accountanble for the alleged offense while continuing his work at PS 78.

Parent in LIC

I feel very bad for him. He’s an excellent, caring, hard working principal, and my son had a wonderful education from pre-K through 8th grade at PSIS 78. I sincerely hope the parents will rally behind him. Everyone makes mistakes.


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