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Long-awaited hardware/kitchenware store opens


Jan. 5, 2015 By Christian Murray

Long Island City residents have been calling for a neighborhood hardware store for years.

Now they have one and it is located at 47-17 5th Street.

Kitchen Plus More, which sells everything from screw drivers to pots & pans, opened on Christmas Eve with its owner promising quality products at a low price.

The store is currently packed with nuts & bolts, plumbing items, cleaning products, paint, light fixtures, kitchen appliances to glassware. There is also an area dedicated to soaps and candles.

But there is still more inventory on order.

Ovidiu Teja, the store owner, said that he is still waiting on items such as certain brands of paint to come in. Furthermore, he is waiting for a paint mixing machine and equipment to cut keys.

Teja, who worked as the general manager of Food Cellar prior to opening the store, decided to open a hardware/kitchen store based on the feedback he would get from grocery customers.

“Many people would complain that there wasn’t a hardware store in the neighborhood,” Teja said.

The 2,500 square foot store will be open 7-days a week from 10am through 8pm.

Teja said that he is encouraging shoppers to suggest items that he is not currently carrying.

“Many people have asked for baby safety equipment,” Teja said. “I have already put in an order.”

Ovidiu Teja

Ovidiu Teja


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Artisanal Bolts?

Beginning at $7/ea. Hand crafted lovingly in Brooklyn. Our bolts attach to our one of a kind nuts ($37/ea) and can only be tightened using a wrench hand crafted by monks in the furthest reaches of the Bronx ($150/ea).

I kid. Thanks for bringing something much needed to the neighborhood, and best of luck.

Amadeo Plaza

If this ends up being a success, please expand to Court Square. You can just continue opening wherever Food Cellar does. Haha. I’m sure Rockrose would cut you a sweet deal.


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