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Listen to people’s real life confessions at new LIC exhibit

Confessions (Instagram)

Aug. 17, 2017 By Jason Cohen

A new exhibit in Long Island City gives people the opportunity to listen to people’s deep, dark secrets.

The exhibit, titled “Confessions,” is currently on at the Deli Gallery at 10-16 46th Ave., and provides visitors with the ability to pick up one of the eight phones on the wall and listen to recordings of strangers’ confessions.

Artists Gideon Jacobs and Greg Hochmuth started the project last summer by encouraging people to call 917-809-7319 and allowing them to provide a confession or to listen to one. The “listener’s” phone was always muted, in order to make sure the confessor felt that he or she wasn’t being judged and was safe.

Jacobs said the exhibit consists of the best 50 confessions that they have recorded so far, adding that the exhibit has been emotional for many people and moved some to tears.

“Listening to a confession is a very intimate moment, and I think it catches people off guard,” Jacobs said. “I think it’s less frightening to make a confession to a random person. Greg and I felt that for a confession to be cathartic, people needed to feel safe–meaning they must feel relatively anonymous–but there also must be stakes–they must know they are being heard.”

The exhibition began Aug. 11 and concludes Sept. 3.


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todays art and so called architecture sucks, just visit LIC

do any artists actially paint anymore?
this, along with that ugly as all hell library on the waterfront, shows that LIC has gentrified so fast that real artists have not even stopped in LIC.

The so called architect who designed the ugly box blocking the view of manhattan probably likes this type of exhibit.


The FAKE MRLIC wrote the August 18, 2017 post. The subject with confessions is a bit weird at that in my opinion. Money could be better spent.


I heard that this installation cost $500,000 of taxpayer money. Are they listening to Bill DUMBlasio’s confession that he forced us to pay for the pink bubblegum sculpture? Maybe these HIPSTERS would do better to spend their time building bowling alleys.


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