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LIC man who threw dog out of window sentenced to a year in prison

Quezada’s dog (Facebook)

March 16, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A man who lives on the border of Long Island City and Astoria was sentenced to a year in prison for dropping his dog out of a third story window last summer, announced Queens District Attorney Richard Brown today.

According to Brown, 21-year-old Dorian Quezada of 43rd Street dropped his mixed-breed Chihuahua out of a third story window last August. The dog was severely injured, but did survive.

After pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty, Quezada was sentenced yesterday to one year in prison, and will not be allowed to own a pet for five years following his incarceration.

He will also have to register as an animal abuser with the city, which bars him from adopting or buying any animals from shelters or pet stores.

“In pleading guilty, the defendant has admitted to the horrible abuse of his dog. It is hard to imagine that someone would do something so cruel to their pet. My office takes a strong stand against any and all animal cruelty and is committed to aggressively enforcing the laws that protect animals from harm,” Brown said in a statement.

According to the charges, a man saw something fall from a window and land with a loud thud last August. When he looked up, he saw the defendant walking away from the window.

He found the dog lying on the ground yelping in pain with blood oozing from its mouth. The dog had a broken leg and dislocated ankle, and eventually recovered fully. She was adopted last November and is doing well in her new home.


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That’s crazy I just read this too bad they didn’t find the drugs he sells… and for the actions well hes a junky doesn’t surprise me but I do note that 1 year is a slap on the wrist he needs about 5 or join the marine corps.. they’ll break him down real good


How unfortunate that I went to school with such a prick, this guy has always had anger issues. Almost tried to fight me once in school & im a girl !!! What a disgrace that it has come to this. He’s a piece of work. I hope those inmates teach him a few lessons! Poor dog didn’t deserve that ☹️


i would have beaten him with his dogs leash if i saw it.
Bust his front door down and give him some well deserved street justice.

smash him up with one hand while holding his dog in the other.

You are scum sir, you are not fit to walk the earth with gods creatures and people who love and appreciate each other and animals.

May you be dropped from a 4th floor window in prison…..or share a cell with a guy who loves dogs more than air


Frank is right , 1 year is too short 3-5 might be better. The animal is defenseless. Someone should throw him out a 3rd story window and see how he likes it. Glad the poor dog is doing well and kudos to he guy who saw it and helped the dog.


No prison. Just throw him.out a window, head first. And for those bleeding hearts who think that’s inhumane. To hell with you. It’s time we stop treating criminals with such kid gloves. Do the crime, screw the time, let’s save taxpayers money on rehabilitating these scum who make our society so bad.

Apparently, The Bad Guy

The guy is despicable, but he should have been fined and registered as an animal abuser. It’s preposterous that a person should be imprisoned for hurting or killing an animal that was their property.


Huh? Yes it’s his property but it’s a living creature that feels pain and fear. It’s not the same as damaging/destroying an inanimate object. Imprisonment is deserved IMO, his action but deliberate and depraved.

Andrew Haurylkiweicz

He should be in jail for far more time.People are animals themselves. Except that animals are far more intelligent and more sensitive than humans.There is nothing that justifies this horrible crime.He should be dropped from a window and see how it feels.


A guy who would drop a dog out of a third story window sounds dangerous and deranged. I think a time out from society is in the best interest of the rest of us.


Lucky you people are not imprisoned for just being stupid, you’d deserve a life sentence.


Mr. Quezada deserved far more that 1 year in prison for this, perhaps 5 would have been a start, followed by 2000 hours of community service working in animal shelters under close supervision. Some mental health assessment and medication are probably in order too.


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