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LIC Man Sentenced to 8 Years Imprisonment for Running Ravenswood Drug Ring

Sept. 6, 2019 By Allie Griffin

A Long Island City man was sentenced to eight years in prison Thursday for operating an illicit drug ring for several months near the Ravenswood Houses in Astoria. 

Jamarl Gilmore, 38, operated the drug ring from March to June 2018 and sold cocaine and heroin to customers near the NYCHA housing development.

Undercover detectives routinely bought cocaine directly from Gilmore or from people working for him and also listened to phone calls between Gilmore and his co-defendants about the drug deals, according to the charges. 

“The defendant admittedly sold drugs to the members of this community. In doing so, the defendant and his operatives unknowingly traded drugs for cash with undercover detectives, who were part of a long-term investigation,” Queens Acting District Attorney John Ryan said. “The sentence meted out today by the Court sends a strong message to other individuals who make money selling poison in our neighborhoods.”

Gilmore was arrested on Aug. 1, 2018 and in July he pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance in Queens criminal court. He was sentenced Thursday to eight years in prison and an additional five years’ post-release supervision. 

The court cases involving other members of the drug ring are still pending, according to the Queens DA’s office.

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Critic Al

He’s like the Sackler family and Johnson and Johnson. Any of those people going to jail for peddling drugs?

Sara Ross

Critic Al

The pharmaceutical companies make the products that are bought by doctors, who should also be held accountable if they are over-prescribing medication to their patients or giving them prescriptions for illnesses they don’t even have! It’s like smoking – it’s bad for you, but the tobacco companies shouldn’t be held responsible for what somebody does.


Sara- When someone knowingly takes an addictive component of a product and purposely manipulated this component to make an addictive product even more addictive, they most certainly should be held accountable. Thank you for yet another Fox inspired gem.


Alot of drugs are addictive. But it takes a greedy doctor to over prescribe it to their patients. In this case, the prescriber should take the immediate blame…I mean this is law.


If a government “allows” you to read whatever books to fill your mind, worship whatever spirituality to fill your hearts, what business is it to them to control what you eat or injuest? This is a waste of tax payer money! This guy is technically an entrepreneur and will be thrown in jail?! Another waste of money. Free this man now!

Capt J. Gilmore

I agree. I’m a pilot for a commercial airline and if I want to injuest a bunch of cocaine and heroin from Jamarl right before flying 189 passengers twice a day, the government shouldn’t be allowed to say otherwise!

Liberty examined

You can still obviously do that considering there will always be demand for drugs. It’s not the govt preventing you from doing that. You need the govt to tell you NOT to do that? Lol


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