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LIC Landing to put up an enclosure, to be open all winter


Nov. 17, 2014 By Christian Murray

Fancy a winter coffee with waterfront views.

LIC Landing by Coffeed, which is located by the water at Hunters Point South Park, plans to enclose its space this winter providing its patrons with protection from the elements.

“We want to make the park more of a destination—a draw for both tourists and residents throughout the year,” said Frank ‘Turtle’ Raffaele, the chief executive of Coffeed. “After all, this is the Central Park of Queens.”

Raffaele is currently receiving quotes for the enclosure—which would be constructed of glass or Plexiglass. He hasn’t decided whether it will be a 400 sqft. enclosure placed directly in front of the pick-up window (catering to about 40 people) or whether it will be 1,200 sqft. and cover the entire canopy area (catering to as many as 200 people).

LIC Landing will be serving its full menu—which includes coffee, tea, wine, beer, pastries, burgers and salads—over the winter months and there will be waiter service for those who request it.

Raffaele aims to have the enclosure up by Christmas, once the New York City Parks Department has signed off on it. In future years, he would put it up in October and then take it down in mid March.

“We want to be open 365 days where we can serve customers as well as the ferry traffic,” Raffaele said. “This is a big win for Long Island City,” he said.

The Long Island City community has been a large driver behind Raffaele’s decision to stay open.

He said that the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy, a group that plans events and oversees neighborhood parks, as well as the Hunters Point Civic Association wanted him to do it, as well as several of his customers.

“Even if I break even or lose a bit of money that’s OK,” Raffaele said. “We are serving our customers.”

Furthermore, he said, many of his employees will be able to work all year round.

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Don't wanna pay

By enclosure, does this mean that Mr. Raffaele will deny entrance to anyone who does not buy something from his coffee stand? I noted this Summer a rope enclosing the space with a sign admonishing visitors, “seating for customers only.” I thought that this space, part of a New York City Park (Hunters Point South Park, ), would be required to welcome the public. I hope that they do.


Of course. He has co-opted our public park, now with planters going up all around ensuring that the public cannot use their picnic area. This reeks of a corporate takeover of Wall Streeters of our public space.


More great news! I can imagine it now, hot chocolate, great neighborhood people admiring the city that never sleeps in a warm toasty space.

Anonymous visitor

Cheers! makes sense..good move by the owners. no need to only enjoy the area and the view during the summer.


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