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Large Italian Restaurant And Lounge To Open On Crescent Street

oro crescent street

April 11, 2016 By Michael Florio

An expansive new Italian restaurant and lounge will open in Long Island City later this month.

Oro Italian Restaurant and Lounge will open on April 25 at 41-17 Crescent St., according to owner Michael Celic.

The restaurant will offer Italian cuisine with a modern touch, Celic said. However, he is keeping the menu under wraps for the time being. He is also not revealing the drink menu at this time, but said that the bar will offer wine, beer and liquor.

The 6,000-square-foot restaurant will be able to seat 160 people, with an additional 25 seats at the bar, according to Celic.

He plans to have the dining and lounge areas located side by side, without dividing lines.

“On the weekends the lounge feel of the space will take center stage,” Celic said. “The food and dining experience will always come first but we want it to be a fun environment.”

Celic chose to open in Long Island City because the community intrigued him.

“We picked LIC because it’s contemporary, up and coming, but doesn’t forget its roots. That’s how I would describe the soul of this restaurant.”

Celic said he helped his father, Vlado Celic, run several restaurants, such as Appetito on West 39th Street in Manhattan, for the past 30 years. His father has since sold all of his restaurants, which served traditional Italian cuisine.

This is Michael Celtic’s first restaurant.

“His [father’s] restaurants were more traditional Italian cuisine,” Celic said. “This will be more American style.”


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Proud Dutch Killer

You’d have a point if there were a good Italian restaurant instead of all of those that serve complicated recipes that sound like “this stuffed with that” and mascarpone ans sundried tomatoes on top. At every order weighs 5.Lbs. Most so called Italian restaurants in LIC and Astoria, serve masses of complicated over cooked slop.

If you eat in Rome, Milan or Forence or Capri, theuu food is not over cooked, complicated slop, it is delicate and what is served is simple and made only with best ingredients. To even compare Itslian cuisine in Lic Italian to any decent, non tourist place in Italy is like comparing Dinner at Paola’s to Olive Garden. We may have a mlot of so called Itaian restaurants, but not one that comes close to trully finessed Italian restaurant

Back in my day...blah, blah, blah...

Uh, “doesn’t forget its roots”?? LIC doesn’t have any roots or a soul for that matter…the “roots” were uprooted years ago. And Italian w/ a modern touch…what does that even mean???

Astoria Resident

I’m truly happy to see how much disposable income residents of LIC must have. It’s a good harbinger of the economy.


Rrright, cuz with the plethora of dining options in New York City, what lic really needs more of is another Italian restaurant.

Back in my day...blah, blah, blah...

Yes a strip club wld be better and visually stimulating. Don’t hate on the strip clubs…


Parking is very difficult, especially since Scandals reopened. I wish the restaurant success.


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